Weekly Lead Action

Weekly Lead Reports are generated and emailed to clients every weekend. Clients update lead status on paper report and return by Fri 12 PM ET. Lead Management updates database and generates fresh reports for upcoming week. Lead Management is a core service of Best Agent Business and Weekly Lead Report is a core aspect of Lead Management.

WLR means Weekly Lead Report. WLA means Weekly Lead Action. (They are the same report.)

See Templates for email templates to use with this report.

  • Stop Wasting Leads


  • Abhishek Mall - Uma Thangavel
  • Denis Busingye - Rita Tuhairwe
  • Yang Wu - Nancy Enoy
  • Tannu -Alison
  • George - Edwin
  • Lydia - Halima
  • Mohiuddin - Shivansh
  • Enamul - Khaled

* Your buddy is also your Back-Up, and she/he must be Copied on ALL your WLAs * If for some reason you feel that you can't make it on time, email your buddy and copy database@ at before 11 PM ET Saturday * If by 11 PM ET when you have not received WLAs of your buddy nor email notices, it means a GO signal for you to make your buddy's reports.

Create Reports

Reports must be sent ET time between Friday Midnight and Saturday Midnight.
If you generate the reports too early on Fridays, important updates might be missed that the client sent to leads to process.

The PDF reports for WLA are created from the client’s database. (Top Producer, Agent Office, Max Avenue, etc). You should have been sent a Google spreadsheet that shows you what database the client uses and the logins to their database. If you don’t have that please let your TL know.

You always copy the client’s Key Assistant, mailto:Systems@bestagentbusiness.com, database@bestagentbusiness and the Lead Management Team Leader, regardless of whom else is listed in the schedule for who it needs to go to.

Use a template when you send out WLA’s. You always want to list the type of report created, and how many contacts are on each report. Pay attention, you will often need to change our default template a bit depending on the amount of different reports you need to list.

If there are no contact types for one of the reports requested, you need to note that in the template as well – such as “There are currently 0 contacts for contact type Seller New Lead”

Save Reports

Reports are saved as PDF files unless otherwise requested and saved using our Standard Naming Format.

Standard Naming format for Reports:
WLA_Contact Type_#_DB_Client Name_Date.pdf
Example: WLA_BuyerNewLead_47_TP_ScottDavis_072318.pdf
WLA is the type of report

  1. is the number of contacts in the report

DB is the name of the database (for example TP is used for Top Producer)
Client Name is the client's name
Date is the date written as the month, day and then year (072318 would be July 23, 2018)

Basic Contact Summary Reports

Lead Processing Steps for creation of a basic Contact Summary Report:

  • Log in to Top Producer.
  • Search for Contact in Top Producer (TP)*. There are two different options for performing a Contact search.

Option 1: Search for contact by clicking on Contact Tab at top of screen. In drop down menu, select Contact Summary. Click on the appropriate letter of the Contact’s last name. In this case, it is the Letter G. This will pull up all the contacts in alphabetical order based upon that letter. Note: If you wanted to search for Anderson, you would click on the letter A. If you wanted to search for Smith, you would select the letter S.

Option 2: Search for the contact by clicking in the Contact section on the right hand side of Top Producer’s home page. Enter your search criteria (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, etc.), choose your criteria field (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, etc.) then click go.

*Note: Regardless of the program used by the client, you always search for a contact before adding a new one to eliminate duplicate entries.

If the contact is not already in Top Producer, click on the Contact Tab along the top and select Add Contact from the drop down options. Complete as many sections as possible based on the information provided. Your screen should show the following headers: Name Details, Contact Notes, Lead Management and Qualification, Primary Property and Buyer Preferences.

Name Details. Make sure to pay attention to the Contact Types. Each client will have their own set of Contact Types. Contact Types are ways a client can further narrow down a group of contacts by search results and what we use to generate our Weekly Lead Reports. So it is important to have any and all Contact Types correctly associated with each lead. General standards include the following Types for client classifications:

Standard Contact Types:

  • Agent – XXX (Name of agent)
  • Buyer – New Lead, A, B or C
  • Seller – New Lead, A, B or C
  • Client – A, B, C, Active, or Under Contract

Generally, a lead starts out as a Buyer or Seller – New Lead unless the client specifies otherwise. Once the client contacts the lead, it will change to Buyer or Seller A, B or C. When the client designates A, B or C, the New Lead type is removed. A Buyer or Seller should never have two contact types within the same category. (Example: Buyer A and Buyer B)

Contact Notes. ALL notes start with BAB FirstName (Example: BAB Steve - ) followed by your note, this way it is easy to track who processed the lead. Always include the MLS# of the property of interest if provided. Remember, BAB YOURNAME to every note added to a client’s account.

Lead Management and Qualification. Select the Source, if applicable.

Primary Property. Enter Lead’s address information, if applicable.

Buyer Preferences. Enter applicable information.

Click Save & Add More Details at the bottom of page. Once you do this, the next screen will let you edit and add additional information.

Additional Information. You will be able to edit the specific Contact Types and any additional info you have, such as birthday, gender, spouse, etc.

On the right hand side of the screen, there is a box with Next Call/Appt. Tab. Click on this Tab. Select the calendar icon on the same line as Call. Enter Next Contact Date (NCD) information.

Save. Make sure to hit Save (if applicable) when you are finished – at the bottom of the page.

Create PDF Contact Summary Report. Once the leads are in Top Producer, make a PDF Contact Summary Report of the leads.

Creating Contact Summary Reports Over 100 records

Split WLA reports if record is more than 100. Split the reports initially to:

  • Buyer New Lead/A
  • Buyer BC
  • Seller New Lead/A
  • Seller BC
  • If report is still too large, split it again and merge other reports, example:
  • Buyer New Lead = 120
  • Buyer A = 13
  • Buyer B = 16
  • Buyer C = 136
  • So merge the reports to be:
  • Buyer New Lead
  • Buyer AB
  • Buyer C
  • Do not forget to adjust schedule according to new set of reports, as Systems will be tracking this. Example above was for TP, same goes too with other DB.

Zero Record Reports

  • If the Client has ZERO records on his reports: do not DO NOT have Zero Record WLA sent to client. If Zero record, it means KA problem that they did not get a few leads properly tagged ASAP during Week 1.
  • New policy
  • Subject: Problem – KA Required – Zero Records – XXX
  • cc to KA-ATL and Steve and other same people, not to client
  • KA has 1 day to talk to client and get a few leads tagged as Buyer A Seller A etc and then reply and tell LMA to run report again and send to client etc
  • Body of email:
  • Dear Name of KA,
  • Your client still has zero records on the following reports:
  • Seller NL ABC
  • Buyer NL ABC
  • Please talk to client and get a few leads tagged properly. Reply all if this has been done and if I should run the reports again and send to client.

Excel Format Reports

  • EXCEL FORMAT for clients that want Excel, (Export Contacts –> Contact Record & All Addresses & Communications) Need to have field exported near to name to show the Buyer ABC or Seller ABC rating, Should have a Type/Rating field and Next Call Date field BEFORE the Notes field so they can update that. First few columns should be: Type, ABC Rating, NCD, Notes (for client's notes/remarks), Contact Type, Names, Email Address, All Phones, Notes from db ..

WLAs for Specific Databases

Our default WLA is always the pdf report generated from the database like the one we have in TP. If a certain database ha no Print Report option then we will opt for export and then print to pdf. Important columns to be included in the report are: Names, Contact Type/Tag, Phone, Email Address, Notes, Next Call Date unless if some of these column headers are not available in the export like NCD and Notes then they are not included. Other column headers too can be included if requested by client or Steve like Agent's Name, etc…


Export to csv/excel and print to pdf
Make sure to include Header (Name of Report) and Footer ('Client Name' - Weekly Lead Report - 'Name of Database' - 'Date of Report')
To Export Leads:

  • Choose “My Settings” tab at right-most area on top of page
  • When in new page, click on the third tab, “Export Leads”
  • Select radio button whether to “Export All Leads” or “Export since last export”
  • Select type of file in export (whether .xls or .csv)
  • Click “Export” to start process. Wait while site processes request
  • Choose radio button “Save File” in a new small window that will pop up, and select “OK”
  • Save file to PC

Edit Export sheet to show only Columns/Rows needed for WLA then Print to PDF. Include columns too for “Last Note Date” “Last Call Date” and “Last Visit Date” and “Agents (if more than one agents”

Reports needed usually:

  • HOT = Buyer A
  • NURTURE = Buyer B/C
  • WATCH = Email only leads
  • QUALIFY = Buyer New Lead where no response or interaction yet


Filter first the contact type you want to pull and the export to csv/excel. Remove unwanted columns and rows and print to pdf
Make sure to include Header (Name of Report) and Footer ('Client Name' - Weekly Lead Report - 'Name of Database' - 'Date of Report')

If we do not receive the export on time, next option is to PRINT LEADS OVERVIEW. After search, click the print icon in the right side menu.
Then just add the report name as header in the pdf file.


If export is too time consuming, like if it still be emailed to client and client is not that responsive then use Option B.
Option B: Highlight the info you want o print ——> right click to PRINT
You have the basic important info available upon search result display then print display. Basic important info for WLA: Name, Email Address, Phone


See system doc on how to pull WLA from Infusionsoft Database


Export to csv/excel and print to pdf
Make sure to include Header (Name of Report) and Footer ('Client Name' - Weekly Lead Report - 'Name of Database' - 'Date of Report')
To Export Leads: Once you are in. Click ALL LEADS upper part menu, make sure Active box is check. Then click the “Export to Excel” just right below these options.
Edit Export sheet to show only Columns needed in the WLA
Standard WLA for Tigerlead (Steve 7/17/12)

  • Current Client Showings and Strong Prospect
  • Responded


Make sure our BAB codes are in her WiseAgent, added in Categories Section. For easy printing of reports create a Working List for your Report, eg. Buyer NL ABC
To Create a Working List:
Contacts —→ Working List —–> Add New Working List (eg. Buyer NL ABC)

To start pulling for reports:
Contacts –> Basic Search —> Categories Section (eg. Buyer New Lead) then hit GO
then Select All —–> Actions —→ add to Working List (Buyer NL ABC)
do the same for Buyer A, B, C…

To print the report:
Contacts –> Basic Search —→ Working List then use the drop down menu, Buyer NL ABC working list should be there then hit GO
Select All —→ Print Media (use client list with categories) then Print.

Do the same for Seller NL ABC
Working List will be modified later if there's change or split of reports. To ADD NCD in Wise Agent, see Sys Doc:


For MarketLeader/eEdge, our BAB codes are there.
Just Export contacts then when you have the excel sheet, remove columns/rows to show only those needed in WLA (see previous report of Cherry)

To export contacts from MarketLeader:
The only issue in MarketLeader is that our BAB Codes in Contact Group field is not included in the export.
So we will export one report at a time, example if you are pulling for Buyer New Lead Report
Go to CONTACTS —→ Import/Export —–> Export Contacts Tab —–> in Contact Group field, check Buyer New lead ; Contact Status is ALL then hit Export.

Edit sheet as usual then print to PDF.
Make sure to include Header (Name of Report) and Footer ('Client Name' - Weekly Lead Report - 'Name of Database' - 'Date of Report')


See system doc on how to pull WLA from Kunversion Database:


See system doc on how to pull WLA from RealFutureCRM here:


Export is not readily available in RealGeeks database, so WLAs were made by copy pasting search results to word and saved as pdfs.
See sample report:

File Not FoundFile Not Found


See system doc on how to pull WLA from RealtyJuggler here:


It is pretty straight forward to pull WLAs from Sharper Agent.
You just need to click on Find a Contact > Search by Group > Select the group names and then check all and download contacts.
Rearrange excel and print them to pdf.
There is also an option to print the Contact info but this will only print names/email and phone numbers.
See Systen doc

Billing for WLA

Billing covers from Search DB, pull reports up to sending/emailing it to client/KA/Steve.

Bill to the client
Work type: Lead Management – Weekly Reports
You bill 0.25 for the first report created per client, and then .0833 for each additional report on the same client account and same database. That's 15 mins for the first report and 5mins for each additional report (same client).
John Doe
Seller NL ABC = 1
Buyer NL ABC = 1

Bill to John Doe would be: 0.33 (0.25 + .0833)

  • If the client has multiple agents.

John Doe
Seller NL ABC = 1
Buyer NL ABC = 1
(Agent-A) Buyer NL ABC = 1
(Agent-B) Buyer NL ABC = 1

Above Agents reports even if send to Agent individually , they are still under 1 client.
So above Billing would be 0.5, that is 0.25 + .0833(3) = 0.4999 or 0.5
That's 15 mins plus three 5mins.

  • If the client has 2 database then billing would be as if for two clients.

John Doe (TP)
Seller NL ABC = 1
Buyer NL ABC = 1

John Doe (WiseAgent)
Seller NL ABC = 1
Buyer NL ABC = 1

Bill to John Doe would be: 0.66 that's 0.33 + 0.33

  • Reports
  • Lead Management - Clients with Lead Management Status
  • Fields:
  • Lead Management Assistant: This starts as Key Assistant and then is handed off to the Lead Management Assistant who runs Weekly Lead Reports, pulls special reports as needed and does other special Lead Management steps. In some custom cases, this Ishido also runs custom lead management steps.
  • Lead Capture: KA rating updated monthly. This is based on review of Lead Box for past month and analyze the volume and quality of new leads being sent to Lead Box
  • Lead Weekly Reports: KA rating updated monthly. This is based on review of Lead Box for past month and analyze how often and quality that Weekly Lead Report is returned. In some cases, the client will be updating their database directly, about 10-30% of the time, and KA needs to analyze whether they are keeping up with lead management flow

Quickbase Fields and Usage

  • Client: Name of the client
  • Team: Lead Management
  • Type of Work: Lead Reports
  • Status: Usually is Weekly. If Steve Only: Only email report results to Steve with Priority Steve Only in front of subject and do not email to client. Subject starts with Steve Only - Weekly Report…
  • Budget Hours: Number of hours allotted for the reports weekly
  • Assistant: Key Assistant
  • Search Template: NOT USED RIGHT NOW: Unless specified in the report
  • Report Type: if Top Producer, then it is either SUMMARY/Short phone/Full/excel. For clients without TP, it is Spreadsheets
  • Person Type: This is the person who will receive this report. Regular client - for lead client, Agents - For Buyer Agent/Referral agent, Caller - For BAB Caller or any other caller, Summary - Usually for Steve
  • Agents: This field is used if the report is for Buyer's Agent/Referral Agent of the Client
  • Next Call Date: If All, then you pull all records, if Next Call Date, then search should be for Next Call Date ⇐ Today + 10 days. For example, if today is 9/13/2008, it would pull a Next Call Date of 9/3/2008 or 9/23/2008, but not 9/30/2008. In long run, we want to get all clients to complete a proper Next Call Date so reports are shorter and more valuable.
  • Copies: These will be the people who are being copied on reports, usually Steve & Key Assistant
  • Group: This is the group for which the report will be generated. Could be Buyer, Seller or Buyer/Seller both, Client - Active, Client - Under Contract, SOI, Expired, FSBO, Client/SOI
  • Record type: Records with ratings A, B, C or new lead
  • Target Count:
  • Record count: Complete with total count of records generated. For example, if one report is 14 records and another report is 17 records for that single line item, then enter 31.
  • Last date sent: Enter date emailed after you have sent email. This will help to track and confirm reports are going out on time.
  • Special notes: Usually this will contain the client's email address and his database login. You can add any notes to yourself or other Ishidos of special needs for this report which can be used again in following week.
  • Comments: These are for Comments to TL of issues/problems to resolve. These will be reviewed and cleaned out each week by TL
  • Setup a WLA schedule in Quickbase whenever you get a new WLA
  • Update your WLA schedule weekly in Quickbase whenever you complete a report to show the last date the report was ran

Weekly Lead Management Reports – Schedule - Team Management - Using Quickbase Reports

  • Log into your Quickbase account and select the Schedule – Team Management Database.
  • Select Weekly Reports – Ishido and Client on the right side menu.
  • From the drop down menu, select “Lead Management” and click OK.

This will bring up a list of only active client reports – sorted by Assistant. You will want to find the first record that has you listed as the Assistant and open that record. Use the EDIT button. The Schedule database record in Quickbase will tell you exactly what sort of report to create, and who to copy.

Once you have created the reports and sent them to the client – you will need to update our Schedule DB with the sent date for the client and next date due.
You will need to fill in the Record Count and Last Date Sent fields. If you need to leave any important comments, you can do that in the comments area.

  • Click Save & Next, and it will take you to the next report assigned to you.

WLA Schedule (Quickbase Sample Schedule)

Task for WLA Leader

  • Monthly Reports to all “No WLA - Approved by Steve” Clients send as Steve Only, Bill to REB
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