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Lifebushido is very flexible when time off is needed. In a “normal” job setting of 100 employees, the ones that couldn't keep up would have quit or been fired. Unfortunately, there have been a few Ishidos that were over-committed and work was not completed in a timely manner. We have a flexible schedule, but if you feel you are over

committed, you are threatening your work hours with Lifebushido. Please use this site to list what days/weeks/etc that you will be unavailable and be sure to list who is covering for you. In doing so, you will help reassure everyone involved that you are able to manage your work load. It will be appreciated by all Teams to know that our clients are being taken care of even in ones absence.

* If you wish to leave Lifebushido altogether, please see Ishido - Going Inactive on the proper steps to follow.

Entering Time - Off

  • Add your information to the date time frame needed below for the amount of time you will need
  • Work Coverage
    • State whether you will be checking email if you are available for calls and/or who will be covering your work and their contact email
  • It will be assumed that if you do not schedule your time “out of the office” that you are responsible for any work that is assigned to you.
  • Make sure to enter your automated vacation response for your emails to notify clients and Ishidos that you are out of the office - this should be completed if you are out of the office for 2 consecutive days
  • Sample notification
    • Thank you for your email, I am currently out of the office until DATE. I will be checking emails TIMEFRAME - if you need immediate assistance please reach out to NAME and EMAIL ADRRESS.
  • Remember to come in after you return and remove your name from the list to help keep it nice and organized

Leave - 1 week or less.

  • Lauren Morrell - I will be unavailable November 22nd and have limited availability on November 23rd
  • Lauren Morrell - I will be unavailable December 24th - 26th
  • Cherie Turner - November 19-23rd Thanksgiving week. I will check email periodically, but not every day.
  • Cherie Turner - December 10th-14th. I will not be checking emails at all.
  • Tracey Bujaki - November 23 - I will not be available
  • Tracey Bujaki December 26- Jan 1. I will check emails and will be available for anything urgent
  • Nancy McNier - November 19-23 - Can not check email, however you can reach me through hangouts
  • Nancy McNier - December 19-23 - Not available
  • Lynn Noe: November 26. Cannot edit. Travel day.
  • Anastasia Newton: I will be on vacation December 24-30 with no email access and limited phone access.
  • Crystal Batignani - Dec 24-28 - Will only be handling my own client work at this time.
  • Hannah Anderson December 14th-17th - I will only be available thorugh hangouts for these days. Linda and Susan will be covering my work, however I have moved my scheudled calls so there shouldn't much work coming through anyway.

Leave - 2 weeks or less than one month

  • Linda Coombs- I will be gone out of the country from November 22nd through December 2nd. I will not be checking emails but for emergency you can reach me on Hang out or WhatsApp.
  • Chris Vicoli - I will be out of the country from December 18th to December 27th. I will be checking emails but will not be able to take an calls.
  • Cheri Canada - I will be on vacation Decemer 20 - January 2. I can check emails and can be avaliable intermittently if needed.

Leave - More than 1 month

Babyshido Leave / Pregnancy Updates:

This section is for any “mommyshido” that is expecting and OK with publicly stating when due etc.
For KAs preparing for maternity leave, it is a good idea to write out everything you do for your clients and update that detail weekly if it changes. It is suggested you plan far enough ahead of the due date to avoid the inconvenience of any unforeseen circumstances that would take you away from your work prior to the official due date. Making plans by month 7 of the pregnancy is ideal. If an early delivery or directed bed rest then happens unexpectedly, one quick text or email can assure you and other ishidos that everything is covered for you right away. The following are steps to help you prepare:

  • Be sure your KA Team Leader knows you're expecting and what is the due date.
  • Detail out what is going on with each of your clients and what work is being done by you and each team.
  • Find a KA to be your back up while you're out. This would be a KA or two that will make your weekly client calls during your absence and handle all client issues/work until you return.
  • Be sure your KA back up knows she/he is your back up person! And let them know all about your clients and when is your due date.
  • When choosing your back up, a good idea is to use someone who may already be familiar with your client because of the current work flow. You may also want to look for someone who is not already full client-wise.
  • Alert all of your clients by month 7 that you are pregnant and have a backup KA in place. Let them know the KA name and email address and cc: the KA substitute. Remind them also at month 8 and during each weekly call thereafter. Be sure they know they are expected to maintain the weekly calls with your KA substitute.
  • Make sure your back up person has a way to contact you during maternity if necessary.
  • Be sure you have a way to contact your back up (text, email, phone, etc) to alert them when babyshido has arrived or that babyshido is on its way.
  • If you'll be notifying your back up via email or text, it is a good idea to prepare the message early in drafts and save it until you need to send it. Then you're not worrying about composing a note when you have other things (like the new babyshido!) on your mind.
  • When the time arrives, send the text or email message to your back up and your KA TL to let them know of the delivery.
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