Lead Management Testing Instructions

Dear Recruit,

Greetings from the Lead Management team!

Lead Management testing consists of three tests. You must score a B (80%) or better on each test to pass a test. You may retake a test once if your initial score is lower. You must pass all 3 tests to be considered for the Lead Management team.

1. Reserve your time to use our database to take Test 1 and Test 2

  • You will be using our Top Producer database system.
  • Please reserve no more than two blocks of time at once for test taking.
  • Please only log into our Top Producer database during your reserved time(s).
  • Once you have scheduled testing you will be sent a username and password for Top Producer.

2. Download Tests

3. Return Tests

  • Return your completed tests to database@bestagentbusiness.com

Additional Instructions for the tests:

You must return all of your tests within one week for grading.

If you log into our testing database and immediately get a time out error or are asked to login again - please try to login again later. Someone else may be completing a test and using the database.

Your login information for Top Producer is available from database@bestagentbusiness.com https://www.topproducer8i.com Username: USERNAME Password: PASSWORD

Once you have completed Lead Management testing please allow up to one week for us to grade your tests. Your test scores will be posted to this page: https://www.lifebushidowiki.com/lifebushido_teams:lead_management:test_monitoring

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