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-===== Key Assistants ​ =====+===== Key Assistants ===== 
 +  * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Overview</​font> ​     * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Key Assistant drives business growth by guiding clients to implement the Billion Dollar Agent System and mentoring and leveraging Ishidos and Teams to get stuff done.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Client Focus: ​ KA has laser-like focus on client happiness and service delivery.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Retention Obsession: ​ KA is obsessed to keep a client for life and do everything it takes to retain clients.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Sales:​ KA is responsible for sales and bringing in more revenue via Upgrades and Referral Networking.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Growth:​ KA is responsible for growth of their client base via growing mentee base.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​A Key Assistant is positive, passionate, and persistent.</​font>​ 
 +  * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Basics</​font> ​     * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Hours is 15-25 hours per week with ability to work 1 hour minimum all 5 days Mon-Fri.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Ability to spend up to 50% of time on phone with Clients or Ishidos.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Pay is $10/hour to start, $11/hour once Client Assistant (to be defined - like a KAT currently), $12/hour base once KA achieved, bonus structure leads to target $15/hour end Year 1 and $20/hour end of Year 2.</​font>​ 
 +  * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Ideal path:</​font> ​     * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Start as Triangle Leader, Hired as Marketing, Caller, or Closings, start KA training after 100 hours of client work around Month 3</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Month 3-6: Cross-training on all teams, KA training, work as KAT with a KA, help with new clients Day 1-100. ​ Start to get 1-2 clients after Day 100 as KA delegates/​assigns a happy current client.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Team Training on rotation includes Marketing, Lead Management, Calling, Closing Management, Accounting, Talent, and more.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Generate Business: ​ Given budget of $1,000 to give away in 5 hour chunks as Client Revive, or LG99FREE, or Referral Calls to learn how to speak to clients directly and prove sales/​growth mentality.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​A KA is given only X clients. ​ They must retain, referral networking, and generate business to grow client base.</​font>​ 
 +  * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​TURN Clients into Superstars - Bonus.</​font> ​     * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​The base pay of $12/hour is increased by bonus structure.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Testimonials - Bonus $XXX for Testimonial by Day 100, or $XXX by Day 180.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Upgrades - Bonus of $XXX</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Retention - Retention bonus of $XXX for Client 6 Months Paid and every 6 Months.</​font>​ 
 +      * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Networking - Referral Call bonus of $50 for completed call and $50 once sales complete signup.</​font>​ 
 +  * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Learning</​font> ​     * <font 12pt/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​A Key Assistant must be personal growth oriented and spend 1+ hours on their own every week learning something to make themselves better in the job and career. ​ It may be reading, video, podcast, etc.</​font>​ 
 ===== Client Assistant ​ ===== ===== Client Assistant ​ =====
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