Strategic Plan

This is based on business refocus from virtual assistant to providing a Business Team to help clients grow their business to the next level.

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Purpose - Why do we exist
Lifebushido helps people around the world working part-time from home to help clients and each other discover and focus unique talent to achieve life and work goals.
We connect amazing people into Triangles helping everyone focus, flow, and dream everywhere.

Core Values - How do we behave
Positive: Anything is Possible. Gnossos (Knowledge), Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), Bushido (Bold Action).
Required: Bushido Code Team first, No drama.

BHAG - Big Huge Audacious Goal - Aspirational Goal

Lifebushido grows to over $10,000,000 revenue by 2020 by organizing 1,000 Ishidos into 100 Circles of Triangles to help over 1,000 Clients grow their business and life to the next level to achieve success.<

Core Clients - Who do we serve
Best Agent Business helps top real estate agents from $100,000 to $1,000,000 revenue grow their business and profit by 20%+ per year by providing a Billion Dollar Agent Team of people, systems, and consulting as a one stop shop. We service solo agents, small teams with one Buyer's Agent, and Billion Dollar Agents over $500,000 GCI with goal of over $1,000,000. We have a profile of an Best Agent Business - Ideal Client

Core Services - What do we do
We provide our Billion Dollar Agent Systems to help top real estate agents focus unique talent, delegate everything else, and stop wasting leads to grow their business to the next level. Our Business Team includes assistants, callers, and consulting to run the business like a $1,000,000 Billion Dollar Agent. We provide Systems, a Business Team, and Billion Dollar Agent Triangle Mastermind.

Strategic Anchors - How will we succeed

  • Triangles: Lifebushido is best in the world at finding, discovering, and focusing unique talent of people around the world to help each other. Our Talent Team hires 1 in 100 people who apply to work with Lifebushido to organize and lead a Lifebushido Circle of three Triangles to help each other help our clients and share more love.
  • Business Team: We provide a business team of virtual/local assistants, callers, agents, and vendors as needed to run the business and allow our client to focus their unique talent. Our Billion Dollar Agent Team is unique in industry.
  • Billion Dollar Agent Systems: Our research leads to systems which are used to run $1,000,000 teams which we can provide at great value to an agent working solo with $100,000 revenue. Our Billion Dollar Agent Systems are unique in industry.
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