Lifebushido Glossary

This page is designed to help New Ishidos get caught up on the Jargon of Lifebushido. Everyone knows when starting out there are catch phrases and jargon that only Ishidos can understand, so if you have a word or phrase that needs to be defined, let us know!

Amagooplebook - Amagooplebook is a Lifebushido microventure for small business entrepreneurs to leverage Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebooks free and paid services to grow their business.

Autoapprove - Giving the client an option to reply within a specified time to decline or make changes and if we don't hear back then we consider it an OK to get the work going.

Awesomeido - Any Ishido a client loves is an awesome Ishido!

Awesomest- An adjective used to describe an Ishido who is reliable, responsive and a Rockstar!

BAB - Best Agent Business, Alternate Meaning - Bring A Brownie.

Babyshido - A baby born to an Ishido while working for Lifebushido

Bosshido - Steve Kantor, President of Lifebushido.

Bullshido - Self explanatory - use when needed.

Bushido - Bushido is a word from the Japanese samurai era basically meaning bold action. For the Ishido it means anything is possible if you take bold action and go for it. Example: “We need more Ishidos who want to dive in, take bushido action.” Alternate meaning- how your hair looks when you first wake up. “Man,my hair was all Bushido this morning.”

To the Japanese, Bushido means “Way of the Warrior” which is defined as looking after each other without regard to your own welfare, the elimination of selfish desires, bravely facing all enemies, and keeping a stainless mind. The closest American equivalent is the act of being chivalrous. Daitan'na kōdō is the pronunciation of the Japanese kanji for “bold action” and there is no word for “anything is possible,” outside of “hope,” because the Japanese culture is one based in acceptance, as opposed to accomplishment. The “way of the warrior” is to help and protect, by defending against and correcting the actions of others, in a calm and efficient manner; not to employ bold action in the pursuit of possibilities.

Bushidoooeeeyyy - The act of being bushido ( see above) in an over-enthusiastic way. “This is a bushidoooeeeyyy kind of day”

Businessy - A single-mindedness of focus on all things relating to one's business-type activities

Busy - Not an appropriate one word opener of how you are feeling at a meeting with Steve. If you use this word you will be in big trouble.

Chat - To speak on the phone with one another for a few minutes - this does not refer to G Chat or texting

COB - Close of business - ie) 5pm Eastern time zone Monday - Friday. Alternate meaning- how corn grows.

DB - Database

Factshido - An interesting fact/statistic involving an Ishido.

FastKATs - Key Assistant Trainees in the 4 week Fast Training Course for Key Assistants.

Fizbos also FSBO - For Sale By Owner. .

Friendshido - The people we work with that develop into more than just co-workers. Example, Happy Birthday, Friendshido. Alternate meaning - cramming 2 people to work together and they become friends, haha.

GCI - Gross Commission Income.

Gnossos - Means knowledge. Steve Kantor's first business was also “Gnossos” Alternate Meaning - a term used when something is extremely cool…“Man that is so Gnossos!!” It is usually prefaced by the word, “Dude!”

Good Good - Term Steve uses when he's pleased with something. It will usually pretense a nice complement. ie) Good Good. You write really good systems.

Guffaw - Steve's reaction to something particularly funny - When I read the wiki I guffawed.

IHA - InHouse Assistant. We will use this term going forward when referring to a client's inhouse assistant.

Ishidoland - Term used referring to Lifebushido.

Kaizen - Making something a little bit better, improve.

Kiloshido - Any ishido that has worked with Lifebushido over 1000 days!

LG99 (Lead Generation 99) - 5 hours of complimentary services worth $99.00

Manshido - 3 out of 100 ishidos on payroll are men. These greatly outnumbered ishidos are referred to as our manshidos.

QB or QuickBase- Database where information for Lifebushido is entered and stored. You also enter your Goal Actions here. Example: “ Enter your findings in QB spreadsheet.” Alternate Meaning - a sports term from baseball when a fielder gets to the base before the runner but forgets to tag him. Additional meaning- the most important position in football

Sheshido - The women of Lifebushido.

System - A system is a written document of the steps to get something done. Example: “This page is system for handling research items mailed from Steve.” Alternate meaning- a biological term to describe a group of organs ( stomach,intestine, liver) working together to perform specific functions needed to work properly. Ishidos are a system ,working together to help Lifebushido work efficiently.

Testimonials - A great client report or something sinners may say in church - sometimes hard to tell the distinction.

Thingie - Something that is pretty good but sorta not clearly defined. If Steve calls something a Thingie, that is a show of admiration and respect. Sort of like “NEI is a pretty good thingie.”

THM - Time Happiness Money Program

TMC - Time Management Challenge

Triangle - A small grouping of Ishidos. Example: “ Brainstorm with your Triangle and get back to me.” Alternate meaning - The instrument Steve played in high school marching band.

UT - Unique Talents what all ishidos possess. Alternate meaning Under Tagged, when ishidos don't post frequently enough to Steve's Facebook.

Wiki - The life source of Lifebushido. Information Center for all Ishidos. A wealth of information can be found from jobs available, team info and general information on Lifebushido. Example: “ You can find Job Openings for Ishidos on Wiki.” Alternate meaning - the official term for the noise made by rappers when they “record scratch”.

Word Vomit- The act of uncontrollable ranting from an individual. This is usually associated with an inability to listen and fascination with ones own verbal abilities. Used in sentence- I'm not surprised, he is known to word vomit when excited.


ATL – Assistant Team Leader
BAB – Best Agent Business
BDA – Billion Dollar Agent
BDAM – Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto
BDS – Business Database Spreadsheet
BLC – Buyer Lead Calling
BOS – Buyer Online Survey
CA – Closing Assistant
CGC – Client Group Call
CI - Closing Ishido
CMA – Certified Marketing Analysis
COB – Close of Business
CP – Closing Plan
CS – Client Services
CSS – Client Service Status
DB – Database Management
FSBO – (pronounced fizbo) For Sale By Owner
GCI- Gross Commission Income
IHA – In-House Assistant
ISA – Inside Sales Agent
KA – Key Assistant
KAT – Key Assistant Trainee
KCO or KACO – Key Assistant Contact Only
KO – Kick Off
LA – Listing Assistant
LB – Lifebushido
LCD – Last Call Date
LG – Listing Grid
LI - Listing Ishido
LM – Lead Management
LMA – Lead Management Assistant
LP – Listing Plan (Seen most often used for Listing plan, but may also be used for Lead plan.)
MA – Marketing Assistant
NCD – Next Call Date
OSA – Outside Sales Agent
PKA – Pretend KA
QB – QuickBase
REB – Real Estate Business
SLC – Seller Lead Calling
SOC – Send Out Cards
SOI - Sphere of Influence
TL – Team Leader
TMC – Time Management Challenge
TTD – Testimonial Target Date
WCR – Weekly Closing Report
WLR – Weekly Lead Report

CC – Constant Contact
CINC – Commissions Inc
PB – Phone Burner
TP – Top Producer
WA – Wise Agent

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