Why Lifebushido - Caregivers

Why Lifebushido exists to help care for caregivers.

Lifebushido - We care.

  • We care about caregivers.
  • We care about caregivers who work with Lifebushido and we seek to provide a safe and supportive place to work part-time from home for people who are caregivers.
  • Why Lifebushido? Many reasons - here is oneā€¦
    • To help caregivers support their family and balance their life.
    • We care about the caregiver who is caring for elderly parents who need support and close attention.
    • We care about the caregiver who has a new baby with serious medical needs.
    • We care about the caregiver who has a close friend who has a personal life emergency and needs to pause working for a week to help their friend.
    • We care about the caregiver who needed to quit their big city corporate job and move to a rural area to care for a family member.
    • We care about the caregiver who has a child with medical conditions requiring constant supervision.
    • We care about the caregiver who is the sole guardian of a sibling adult who is not able to care for themselves.
    • We care about the caregiver who would rather work part-time and volunteer part-time to care for and help other people.
    • We care about the caregiver who decides to home school her children to provide the best educational environment for their unique talents.
    • We are about the caregiver whose life changed in an instant after a serious accident of a child or spouse which required them to quit their full-time job.
    • We care about the thousands and millions of people who have faced the challenge and impossible choice of whether to quit their full-time job because they needed to care for someone or they got fired because of too much time off taken or performance issues related to time and stress of caregiving. We care about all the people currently in full-time jobs with the daily stress of facing both those options of needing to quit their full-time job or worrying about getting fired.
    • Corporate America business, in general, fails to provide a safe, supportive,and flexible environment for caregivers.
    • We care about building a supportive environment. Ishidos who work with Lifebushido seek to support each other always. We allow anyone to immediately pause work for an unlimited period of time as needed, for personal life emergencies or caregiving needs.
    • Your personal physical and mental health comes first.
    • Your family and friends health comes second.
    • Work at Lifebushido or elsewhere comes a distant third.

At Lifebushido, family comes first - always.

We care.

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