Bushido Code

Lifebushido is vision and group of ventures started by Steve Kantor in 2006. When Steve ran his previous company, Gnossos Software, the core values were Gnossos, Kaizen, and Bushido. After selling Gnossos in 2004, for temporary reasons, he started to use Lifebushido based on the desire to live life boldly with Bushido. Once the company started in 2006, people liked the name so it stuck. Later, someone came up with the word Ishido to refer to someone working at Lifebushido and that is how we got the Ishido word.

Lifebushido is also a way of life. The Bushido code is typified by seven virtues:

  • Rectitude (gi?) - the state or quality of having a constant clear direction and conformity to the rules prescribed for moral conduct; uprightness, virtue.
  • Courage (yuu?) - the courage to be bold and to believe Anything is Possible. The courage to take action boldly with bushido.
  • Benevolence (jin?)- the good will to do good.
  • Respect ( rei?) - to have a good opinion and positive attitude of consideration for all Ishidos unless proven otherwise by their actions.
  • Honesty ( makoto or 信 shin?) - to be truthful in all interactions with Ishidos and Clients.
  • Honour( yo?) - to have and protect a favorable reputation and dignity in all relationships of yourself and others.
  • Loyalty (chuu? ) - to be faithful and devoted to the Lifebushido Vision, Lifebushido as a company, and fellow Ishidos and to always act with personal integrity to protect and defend Lifebushido Vision and company.
  • Wisdom ( chi?) - to seek and possess knowledge and understanding of people and situations to help spread the Lifebushido Vision and help people focus on their unique talents.
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