Introduction to Lifebushido Triangles

What in the world is a Lifebushido Triangle? Good question and certainly one that all recruits and new hires have asked. To answer that question requires breaking it down into two main segments - professional and personal, which I will do shortly. Another question often asked, “Why am I not paid to start and participate in a Triangle?” Let me address that question first and hopefully you will understand how all this ties together in the hiring process of Lifebushido.

Lifebushido is unlike any other company you have worked for as our focus is finding YOUR unique talent and putting you in a role where your unique talent is what you do each day. Do you love to meet other people, never found a stranger, and have a great calling voice? Well, why would we put you in a position where all you did each day was entered data entry into a database. You won't be happy, you won't be as productive as you can be doing what you love and where your talent lies. For those who love to work one on one with a client and have incredible organizational and problem solving skills, determining you're a great fit for a Key Assistant is essential early on in the process. The Triangle process allows Lifebushido and the recruit or new hire to determine if their unique talent is what they would like to do or if they have yet to find that piece of their professional puzzle. In many ways, the Triangle process is similar to many employment placement and aptitude tests we may have participated in during our career. The employment placement and aptitude tests are generally given to candidates for a job during the selection process and prior to an offer of employment, which means you are not paid to take these tests. The same principle applies here. Lifebushido wants to find out more about you, your abilities, goals, and where you will fit in the organization.

As a recruit for Lifebushido, you are asked to either start or join a Triangle. During this process, you will demonstrate the following skills: time management, goal setting, teamwork, communication, ability to follow directions, navigate through wiki pages, and adherence to deadlines. Anyone can say they have these skills in a resume or on an application, the true test comes when you are placed in a position where you have to step up to the plate to demonstrate your 'promoted abilities.' When you read on the wiki pages and the documents developed to assist you in creating your Triangle and the first 30 days you will see it mentioned that starting and participating in an active Triangle will substantially increase your chance of being hired by Lifebushido. I am sure you can understand better how important the Triangle is in demonstrating your professional abilities and improving your chances for hiring and taking on higher levels of responsibility such as mentor, Assistant Team Leaders, and Team Leaders.

The triangles are a great source of personal support, encouragement, and confidence building. Listen to the following media file WELCOME TO LIFEBUSHIDO . This presentation was made as Encouragement Building Confidence's creative project. The personal benefits of a triangle come out in the project. The friendships that develop as you learn about yourself and others lasts beyond the 30 days. These relationships are also great for building a support system through the triangle and new hire tasks. You are not alone in this process from the very beginning and these are individuals you will work with on a variety of teams.

When you look over the triangle requirements and ask yourself the following question “Are they serious?” The question to ask is “Am I serious?” If you are serious, start your triangle now and find your unique talent and begin with Lifebushido.

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