Lifebushido Triangles

A Lifebushido Triangle is a group of 3-6 people from around the world who work with Lifebushido.
When applying for a job with Lifebushido, you group into Triangles as part of the job application process.
During the Triangle Startup steps for the first month, you and your Triangle do the following:

  • Get to know each other - a series of 10 emails over 10 days
  • Get to know yourself - write your goals, define your Perfect Job, discover your Unique Talent
  • Help other people - share with others any useful ideas and concepts via a Creative Project from your Triangle

We seek people to join Lifebushido who are looking for more than a job.
We provide tools for personal growth and creative social organization for a virtual company with people working around the world from home.
This process also helps us find people who are organized, like to work with a team, and like to help other people.
It helps us to find people who are a cultural fit with Lifebushido and our core values and filter out those who are not.

Do you have a Triangle Question? Send an email to:

  • The Triangle process is the final application process in becoming an employee (Ishido) with Lifebushido.
  • To be considered for a position within the company it is a requirement to complete the 30 day Triangle process.
  • Your Lifebushido application determines the role you are requesting to on during the Triangle process.
  • Once you have applied and completed the field in your Ishido record you will be contacted via email with instructions for beginnning the Triangle process.
    • Leaders will be contacted by the Lifebushido Talent Team with instructions for starting their Triangle.
    • Members will be contacted by Triangle Leaders with instructions for beginning the process.

- Learn what it is all about

- Find out why it is important to join a Lifebushido Triangle, what you can learn and how you can make a difference

  • You need to commit to spending 15-30 minutes per day for 30 days for Lifebushido Triangle Startup.
  • We promise you that you will find it very interesting, motivating, and it will help you achieve your Perfect Job.
  • If you currently are not willing or able to make that commitment, do not start the process.
  • The tasks for Lifebushido relate to personal growth and helping others in your Triangle.
  • There will be no required tasks which help provide Lifebushido revenue. Thus, there is no revenue benefit to Lifebushido for anyone to do a Lifebushido Triangle. This is a free service we offer to job applicants to help with their personal growth and help us both determine if we want to work together.
  • We are providing a global open-source platform for people to change their life with personal growth in a Triangle.
  • Listen in as Steve Kantor and Mo Fathelbab talk about Triangles:Triangle Concept Transcription
  • Are you ready to get started with a Lifebushido Triangle? Your first step is to read over the various Triangle Roles and decide which is the best fit for you.
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