Recruiting FAQ's

If your question is not answered by FAQs below, please email us. We will then answer your question and add to future FAQs. If you have not yet finished your job application, the information below should help. We only have about one problem/question for every 100 people that apply.​

What type of work does Lifebushido offer?

  • The entire company is run using part-time people working from home. We do everything - database work, websites, graphics, calling, marketing, accounting, customer service, lead management, listing marketing, and more. See the Lifebushido website and various ventures -basically everything to run those companies. Be sure to re-read the emails you were sent - all the information is there.

You guys work only with data entry. So, is that true, does Lifebushido actually only work with data entry?

  • We are mainly into the business of Real Estate data management and lead management. Lifebushido is all into many domains and industries. Please visit

Is this a non-phone job?

  • There are calling jobs available. However, Lifebushido also offers various positions within the company depending on your skills and your unique talent. See Current Job Openings in the Applying for a Job at Lifebushido for current needs within the company.

What information do I need to provide when applying for the job?

  • You need to provide contact information of name, address, and email. Once hired, you need to provide phone number and social security number if you are a USA job applicant.

I would like to apply for the job. How can I get an application?

I haven't received an application yet. Is it too soon; I have been looking for it.

  • You will receive a week of emails detailing the company and its needs. If you have been receiving those emails, you should receive the application on the 7th day.

I lost my job application Information.

  • If you started the job application process and lost the emails or instructions, then start over and delete any job application you started or unsubscribe and send an email to and start over.

How do I know if I have been hired or declined?

  • If your job application in QuickBase says Status = Apply then you are still being considered. If it says Apply - Declined then you have been reviewed and declined. You can try further using Second Shot below.

Is there a chance of having more than 25 hours per week if wanted or needed?

  • During the first 0 -100 hours that you work for Lifebushido, you will slowly work towards finding your unique area within the company. Once you have reached 100 hours, you will have an interview with Steve. If you receive more than 25 hours at that point is a professional decision made by Steve.

Hiring Decisions and Hiring Timing

  • We accept job applications at all times. If you submit your complete job application by the last day of the month, you will get a hiring decision of YES or NO by the 10th of the next month or an email saying we are delaying hiring that month. If you do not get an email, wait until the 15th and then send an email with the subject, “SECOND EMAIL.”

How do I know if I have been hired or declined?

  • If your job application in QuickBase says Status = Apply then you are still being considered. If it says Apply - Declined then you have been reviewed and declined. You can try further using Second Shot below.

Is there a faster way to get a job with Lifebushido then the current monthly hiring cycle?

  • No. We review and make hiring decisions once a month.

Can Global Recruits apply as a Key Assistant?

  • Global Recruits must first work 100 hours to become an Ishido before being considered for a Key Assistant.

I'm having problems getting Aweber to accept my email. What should I do?

  • Be sure to send an email without any attachments. Emails with attachments, such as graphic logos, are rejected.

I'm not getting regular emails from Aweber.

  • When you sent the email to or a similar email address, you received an email back from a company called Aweber asking you to click to opt-in to our email series. If you did not, then you will not receive the emails. Start again. If you clicked to opt-in but did not see another 5-10 emails over the next week, the emails may have gone to your spam/junk folder. Double check there and then add that email address as an approved sender. If you still have not received any emails, just start over.

I am having trouble downloading attachments in the emails that I have received. What should I do?

  • Ask someone you know to try to open it or forward that email to someone you know and see if they can download the attachment for you. If it's still a problem, forward the email with the attachment as SECOND EMAIL to and state the error message you received.

Can I mail from any of my emails?

  • Please make sure to send any additional tasks and communication with your own email account. Shared email accounts are not acceptable

Your Application and Technical Difficulties

I'm having problems uploading files to QuickBase.

  • You must upload your Resume and Job Application Essay to QuickBase as .doc, .rtf, .pdf, or .txt file. Anything else will not be accepted and your application will be rejected. If you have trouble uploading a file because we have run out of file storage space and you receive an error message from QuickBase, please try again in three days.

Is there a place where I can find my essay/application? My resume is there but I am not seeing my essay.

  • If you resume is there but you don't see your essay/application, then it probably wasn't accepted into QuickBase. Remember to upload it as .doc, .rtf, .pdf, or .txt file only.

Did you receive my job application?

  • If you can log in to QuickBase and view People Working with Lifebushido and can Edit/View your job application that you added with uploaded resume/job app, then we received it. Otherwise we did not.

Problem Finding and Editing Your QuickBase Application

  • If you added yourself to QuickBase without first registering with QuickBase for a login/password and signing in, then you were added as Anonymous and cannot access the database. Sign into QuickBase and add your record again.

*Duplicate Applications

  • If you accidentally create duplicate applications, edit one of them and change Last name to Duplicate and we will delete the one marked Duplicate.

Help on Fields for Job Application

  • If you are unsure what to enter in a field, click on the help button which is a “?” next to a field. If you are still unclear, please send an email with the subject of “SECOND EMAIL.”

Do not send resume or job application essay as an email.

  • You must upload your resume to QuickBase or else your application will not be considered.

USAor Global Application

  • At present, we only have two job application levels. If you are a USA citizen and living in the United States presently, apply as USA. Everyone else apply as Global. In the future we hope to have other levels. If you applied as Global, are interested in the company but are not quite a fit at this time, stay on the Lifebushido list as we will have other levels. If you live in the USA but are not a US citizen, apply as Global.

Do I make my own document to rate myself? Do I need to mail it in?I have gone to QuickBase to rate myself but cannot figure out how to open my application and edit it.

  • No do not make a document. Go to QuickBase and log in. Go to “People Working with Lifebushido” and click on Find People. Type in your name in that field. Click display and your application/information should be there. Click on edit.

Follow Directions

  • When all else fails, follow directions. Most people have been able to figure this out.

Payment for Lifebushido

How much will I be paid?

  • This information was included in your series of emails. Please reread those emails carefully. You can also email for this information. Note: All pay rates, raises, etc. are handled directly between you and Steve.

How is payment made?

  • USA Ishidos are paid direct Deposit
  • For Global Ishidos, we only use PayPal for payment so please make sure your country is supported and can receive and withdraw payments. If you are not receiving your monthly payroll, this is likely the reason why and you will need to make arrangements for a friend or family member in a PayPal supported location to receive payments on your behalf and send them to you. For those located in Uganda, we have determined if you change your PayPal country to East Africa your account will be able to receive payments.
    • A fellow Ishido shared this blog link which reviews Payoneer as an option. Click here to read article.
    • Suggestions from other Ugandan Ishido
      • A few of our Global Ishidos from Uganda use South/East Africa when they sign up for PayPal.United Bank for Africa (UBA). One needs to acquire a VISA card which costs UGX 10,000= (i.e. about 4 dollars). You don't need to be their bank customer to access this card that is Paypal enabled.
        • Barclays Bank. Am not sure about the cost of their card but it is also possible to use Paypal services through here.
        • Use South Africa as my location. May be cross check if:
          • are using a computer that is on a local area network.
          • are trying to change(edit) location from Uganda to SA, the program does not accept editing location, so they have to set up a new account by deleting the one they had created with location as Uganda
          • are using correct Zip codes for SA cities because they are different, I used Pretoria, Google the Zip.

How often am I paid?

  • Payroll is made on a monthly basis, typically by the 5th of the month.
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