New Hire Tasks

  • The Newhire tasks must be completed and submitted by the second week of the month
  • Newhire task completion is a requirement for employment with Lifebushido
  • If the new hire tasks are not completed you will not be eligible for payroll
  • If you are already training with a team - these tasks will still need to be completed within the specified time frames
  • The series of tasks you will be completing during the New Hire process are designed to identify your unique talents as well as expose you to various types of work. These tasks may change and are evaluated regularly.
  • Your feedback is important and necessary.
  • Don't be discouraged! Some things will make sense and others will not, just as with any new job.
  • Lifebushido is like no other company. If you enjoy this process, you are more likely to succeed.

All start-up steps should be completed within 2 days of accepting the job offering from Lifebushido

Download Checklist

  • Download Checklist to your PC and update as you complete the items on the list
  • File should be saves as - New Hire Checklist - Your Name
  • Keep updated as you will need to upload and print this checklist at completion

Verify Access to QuickBase

Set up your Email Signature

  • Visit the following link Email Address Standards for Lifebushido for instructions.
  • Send an email to to approve your signature and Email Address for Lifebushido
  • Subject Line: New Hire Start Up - Email Signature - YOUR NAME

Join Ishido Training List.

  • Join by sending a blank email to:
  • The Ishido Training List is used for educational training materials, news on Lifebushido and periodic Ishido broadcast messages for special projects and other information.
  • You will receive an email requiring you to confirm your acceptance.
    • If you do not receive a confirmation, please make sure it did not get filtered to your Junk or Spam folder.
  • Do NOT move forward until all of the above steps are complete
  • Daily Emails
  • Weekly Email
    • Start your weekly progress email to Steve
    • Each Monday you will need to send an email
      • To Steve Kantor
      • cc your mentor and
      • Subject: Newhire - Weekly Update - YOUR NAME
    • Format the body of the email
      • Date Hired
      • Hours worked previous week
      • Hours wanted
      • Team work mix
        • This would notate any team you are completing training for and the amount of time committed to that team for the previous week
      • Future work mix
        • This would notate your desire to work on other teams / become a KA / become a mentor / become a Leader
      • Suggestions / Feedback / Ideas
        • Use this section to provide any feedback about any of the recruiting processes / training / wikis / etc
        • Provide any frustrations you may have about any processes or policies that you may need additional clarifications on
        • Provide anything that you enjoyed about the processes
        • Provide feedback about your current work
        • Provide suggestions about processes and policies
    • Weekly update emails should be sent each week until you have become an Ishido
  • Complete Payroll Packet.
    • This should be done within 7-10 days of accepting your job offer.
    • You can include your Payroll Packet in your New Hire Packet mailed to Steve
  • Read And Sign Lifebushido and Bushido Code
    • Download / print and sign Lifebushido and the Bushido Code
    • This pledge is part of the process to become an Ishido. If you are not comfortable with some or all of this pledge, then email Steve to discuss at

U.S. Employees

  • The New hire packet is an accumulation of the above referenced tasks - you must have completed all above tasks in order to be prepared to send your packets. The packets are sent by email and mail.
  • The purpose of this Packet is used to review your unique talents, helps Steve determine where you may fit best among Lifebushido Teams and see how well you follow directions.
    • Your mailed packet allows Steve time to review your skills in more detail. It is very important you mail this to Steve within a few days of completing. Because your packet is sent directly to Steve, he personally reads each one and will email you his recommendations.
  • New Hire Packet - Mailing instructions
    • Mail Packet to
      • Steve Kantor, President
      • Lifebushido
      • 4835 Cordell Ave., Apt. 1105
      • Bethesda, MD 20814
    • Steve must receive the packet before the 20th of the month
      • If it is not received by the 20th, this may affect your New Hire status, Training status, billable hours, payroll processing and your overall Lifebushido status.
    • Print,,assemble and staple your Packet Contents in upper left hand corner in the below order
      • New Hire Checklist
      • Lifebushido Code - Signed
      • Updated Copy of your Ishido Record
        • Make sure to open your record before printing
        • To open the record select the eye icon to the left of your record
        • To Print select the more option on the top left
        • Select print
      • Resume
      • Daily 5 Email Word Document
      • W-4 tax form
      • I-9 form
      • Bank Deposit form
      • Signed Employment Agreement
    • Steve will inform you of official Newshido status and next steps.
      • Steve generally reviews packets on the weekends around the 15-20th of the month. Depending on when your New Hire Packet is received, it may take 1-2 weeks before you receive a response.

New Hire Completion Email

  • Send a confirmation email advising your new hire tasks have been completed and attach your completed New Hire Checklist
    • Send to and cc your mentor
    • Should be sent by the 10th of the month

Outside the U.S. - Globals

For Globals, the New Hire Packet includes a single PDF of the following:

  • New Hire Checklist
  • Lifebushido Code - Signed
  • Updated Copy of your Ishido Record
  • Resume
  • Job Application
  • Daily 5 Email Word Document
  • Signed Employment Agreement

This Employment Agreement is not a contract - it must be noted that most states are “At-Will” employment states - this means that either the employee or the employer can legally terminate employment for any reason at any time. This agreement sets forth the expectations of the company and employee.

Download the agreement. Read and complete the following fields are mandatory:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Hourly Wage (your current hourly wage)
  • Signature
  • Date

Once you have completed the New Hire Tasks you are an official Newshido with Lifebushido and ready for your next steps within the company. Visit the following link for additional information about the Newshido Tasks Newshido Tasks

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