New Hire Job Offer

Congratulation on your recent offer to work with Lifebushido!

We are here to assist you on your journey to becoming an Ishido with us! We are here to help you but we do ask that you read through all wikis thoroughly before sending us your questions as most of your questions will be answered in the new hire wikis. Welcome and we can not wait to work with you!

Questions should be sent to

Lifebushido is More than a Job

We only want you to accept our job offer if the Lifebushido Vision and culture is something which appeals to you. Lifebushido Vision If it does not appeal to you, or you are unsure, then please decline our job offer. Lifebushido is a unique company which believes Anything is Possible. We are 100% virtual and 100% global and we are passionate about helping people discover and focus on their unique talents. We do this with business, creative, and social entrepreneurial projects. If unsure, I suggest you share this information with a few close family members or friends, get their input and sleep on it. If you have questions specifically Steve Kantor, Founder and President of Lifebushido, feel free to reach out to him via email Either way, thank you for taking the time to apply and congratulations on getting to this stage. Less than 5% of the applicants are invited to join Lifebushido!

Decide & Respond within 3 days. You received an official Job Offer email and must let us know if you accept the position Regardless of your decision, you must respond to your offer within 3 days and let us know your choice. If you do not respond within 3 days, offer may be withdrawn. Reply all to the job offer email which your decision Determine which option works best for you


- You accept the job offer but are currently not available for work this month. This option is available to you for up to 1 month. If you are not able to commit a minimum of 5 to 10 hours per week for the next couple of weeks DEFER does not mean you rejected the job offer and will not have the opportunity to work for us. It simply means you may not be ready to begin work with Lifebushido right away and want to DEFER beginning work until the following month. To Defer reply all to the job offer Advise in the body of the email that you are deferring employment for 1 month


- You accept the job but are currently not available for work for up to 3 months This option is available to you for up to 3 months or 90 Days. Just contact us within 3 months when you are ready to start and we will add you to the next month's hiring cycle. To be hired again in the Future - reply all to the Job Offer Advise in the body of the email that you are requesting to be hired in the future - up to 3 months you would like to be hired


- You are no longer interested in working with Lifebushido To decline the job offer - reply all to the job offer Advise in the body of the email that you are declining a position with Lifebushido


You are able and ready to commit a minimum of 5 to 10 hours per week as soon as possible To accept the Job Offer - reply all to the job offer Please attach your resume and job application essay to share with everyone. Include an introductory paragraph about yourself. This is how we get to know each other in the virtual world! This is your chance to share about your background, your current life, and why you want to join Lifebushido. Please share your city, state/country, how you heard of Lifebushido. Share your background/bio (whatever you feel comfortable sharing). If you are in a Lifebushido Triangle, include a link to your Triangle Page and explain your experience so far with your Triangle. If you were referred to Lifebushido by a current Ishido, please give their name and how you know them. Please share any aspect of Lifebushido that is most appealing or interesting to you so far.

We are in the process of updating our onboarding process for new recruits - if you come across anything that does not make sense or is not clearly defined please send an email to Toshua Serrato @ Join a Lifebushido Triangle. If you are already in an active Triangle, STAY IN YOUR TRIANGLE, DO NOT CHANGE.. You MUST be active in a Triangle or your Triangle formed the month you are hired. The 30-day Recruit Triangle period is only the start. You must remain an active Triangle Member during your first 100+ billable hours. Key Assistants must be a Leader of a Triangle. If you were hired for any other Team or position, you can choose but Leader is still preferred. Active Triangle Members are given preference over non-Triangle Members in terms of billable hours and Team openings. If you have chosen to accept your job offer and have completed the above steps, you are now ready to move on to New Hire Tasks

Once you have completed the above steps, the Talent Team will send an email with your next step in the on-boarding process with Lifebushido, New Hire Tasks. These are tasks for on-boarding you into the company and are required for you to complete so that you are eligible for payroll. To get started on these steps, follow the link for list and instructions New Hire Tasks

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