New Hire - 5 Daily Emails

The daily email task was designed to ensure that you are able to commit to Lifebushido daily, verify your follow through, determine your ability to follow instructions from web based material and will mimic many criteria set in the daily life of a Lifebushido member. Lifebushido is a virtual based company and most of our communication is completed via email. To be eligible for a position within the company it is imperative for all Ishidos to be able to send properly formatted and professional looking emails. This is a key component of your training here, please make sure to read all criteria thoroughly and follow steps as needed.

  • This task should be completed within 5 business days
  • The task should start within 2 days of the job offer
    • If all startup tasks are completed the task may start the same day as the job offer
  • You can only send one email per day - do not send 2 emails the same day - this void the second email sent
  • If you do not send all 5 emails this task will not be considered as complete within your new hire tasks
  • Email must contain
    • Proper formatting
    • Correct subject line
    • Bulleted list of tasks
    • Correctly spelled word
    • Lifebushido Standard email signature
    • Correct Email Name - specific to Lifebushido standards
  • Daily emails that are sent incorrectly will be deemed as incomplete and sent back to you for correction
  • Daily emails will be included in your mailed packet to Steve Kantor at the completion of your New Hire tasks
    • We recommend that you compile your daily Tasks in a word document separated by Day commitments and copying and pasting each day into your emails
    • The word document should notate the day that your email was sent
    • Example format for the word document
      • Daily Emails - First Name Last Name
        • Day 1 - Sent 5/4/18
          • Downloaded New hire Checklist
          • Verified Quickbase Access
          • Setup Email Signature
          • Joined Traininig Checklist
          • Sent Daily Email
          • Read emails
        • Day 2- - Sent 5/5/18
          • Sent Weekly Email
          • Updated Ishido record
          • Completed W 4
          • Sent Daily email
          • Read emails
          • Reviewed wiki - list of any wikis that were reviewed
        • Day 3- - Sent 5/6/18
          • Completed I9 form
          • Completed Direct Deposit Form
          • Sent Daily email
          • Read emails
          • Reviewed wiki - list of any wikis that were reviewed
        • Day 4- - Sent 5/7/18
          • Signed Employee Agreemet
          • Completed Payroll Packet
          • Sent Daily email
          • Read emails
          • Reviewed wiki - list of any wikis that were reviewed
        • Day 5- - Sent 5/8/18
          • Printed Ishido recoird
          • Printed all items for the Nrew Hire Packet and mailed packet
          • Sent Daily email
          • Read emails
          • Reviewed wiki - list of any wikis that were reviewed
  • Send emails TO: * New Hire - Daily Email - Day # - First Name Last Name
  • Body of Email
    • Day 1
    • Date - mm/dd/yyyy
      • All tasks listed should be listed in bulleted format for ease of viewing
      • Detail anything you did for Lifebushido that day.
        • Only include items in your report as it relates to Lifebushido. Personal information should not be included
      • Notate any issues or communication problems you may have encountered
      • Notate wikis pages reviewed / Documents read
      • Notate any New Hire tasks / start up steps you worked on that day
      • If you are already training with a team - this is unusual - notate any completed training

FROM: (FirstName LastName - verify your Email Name is in the proper Upper and Lowercase format. Example: Sally Smith)
SUBJECT: New Hire - Daily Email - Day 1 - Sally Smith

New Hire - Day 1 - Sally Smith

  • Worked on Research/Data Entry project for Raquel.
  • Had phone interview with Jaime for Client Services – she is very friendly!
  • Sent completed Research/Data Entry project to Raquel.
  • Worked on Creative Task, answered three out of four questions, then emailed completed task to Talent.
  • Received email from Melissa requesting revisions to be made to School Data spreadsheet. Made revisions to spreadsheet and sent the attached file to Melissa.
  • Sent Daily Email to Talent


Sally Smith
Best Agent Business

  • Email Name is not in Uppercase and Lowercase format.
  • Email address does not contain name or initials.
  • Subject line does not have hyphens.
  • Body of email contains personal tasks not Lifebushido tasks.
  • Signature only contains first name.
  • Signature does not have title of Assistant.
  • Subject Line and Body of Email Day detail does not match. Subject line shows Day 5 and email shows Day 3.
  • Details are in paragraph format not bulleted form
  • Date is missing in the body of the email
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