Marketing Assistant - Job Details

If you love to interact with clients and help them succeed with their marketing needs, be a part of a team with nice, down-to-earth team members, have fun while using your creativity to make quality newsletters, postcards, and send out cards, and many other projects - then the Marketing Team may be just what you are looking for!

Marketing is all about keeping the agent's name and message in front of as many potential clients as possible while also staying in touch with their current clients so they can continue to be their agent of choice and can obtain referrals from them. You can help make that happen!

The Marketing Team consists of specific roles, Marketing Assistants and Marketing Ishidos. Please review both areas to determine where you would fit best with the Marketing team.

Marketing Assistants are the first line of communication for the client and will manage and facilitate all of the clients marketing needs. Marketing assistants are well versed in real estate marketing and will utilize their expertise to grow and nurture the clients relationship with past, present and future clients. The main goal is to grow and build our clients business and assist them in meeting and exceeding their business needs. Marketing Assistants ensure that marketing work is completed in a timely manner and maintain professional and quality marketing material for clients.

Marketing Assistant Primary Tasks:

Review the following links for an in-depth look of what is completed for clients by the marketing assistants.

Marketing Assistant Qualifications:

We are looking for individuals with the following abilities:

  • COMMIT TO AT LEAST 10 HOURS PER WEEK. Maximum hours of work you are allowed to do each week is 25 hours.
  • Previous Marketing Experience in client newsletters, blogs, social media posting, postcards.
  • Ability to problem solve effectively on your own.
  • Outgoing and willing to take the initiative to follow up with the client in a timely manner.
  • Ability to answer all emails within 24 hours.
  • Self learner to become proficient in various marketing programs as needed.
  • Ability to follow protocols the team has in place for procedures.
  • Have a nice, clear phone voice and the ability to make client calls as needed with no background noise:
    • For every 10 hours of marketing work, 1 hour per month could include phone work.
  • Able to attend monthly Marketing Team calls.
  • Office package installed on your computer

Marketing Specific Questions

  • Are you comfortable on the phone?
  • Do you have long distance?
  • Are you able to have phone calls during regular business hours?
  • Do you have Real Estate experience - if so how much and how long
  • Do you have Marketing experience? If so how much and how long
    • Include any experience in Real Estate Marketing and include any email marketing programs or mailing programs that you have worked with successfully
  • List any other marketing, graphics, or multi-media software installed on your computer.
  • Office package is a minimum, which version do you have? Any other marketing software installed on your computer.
  • If applicable, what other teams you have applied for.

Once you've completed the above tasks, you'll be contacted by the Marketing Team Leader for an interview. You will then begin the Marketing Testing phase, which you can find on this page:

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