Lifebushido Recruiting

Lifebushido uses a unique program to recruit talent for work home from home positions. This page will be used to catalog the recruiting processes for Lifebushido from the start of the application process to the Recruit becoming an Ishido.

Becoming part of Lifebushido

Lifebushido has offered a Job

  • Once you have received the job offer from Lifebushido, the following page will be forwarded from our talent team for your next steps New Hire Job Offer
  • Once you have accepted the job offer you will move onto your new hire/ Onboarding steps -visit the following link for additional instructions New Hire Tasks
  • Once all of your new hire packet is complete you will move onto your Newshido Tasks - visit for additional instructions - Newshido Tasks

Team Training

  • Once all of your new hire tasks and Newshido training is complete you will move onto team training - this is portion of your training that will equip you with how to complete the tasks for the team you were hired for -
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