Caller - Job Details

This page is for new applicants and Ishidos interested in joining our Buyer & Seller Lead Calling Team.

Our schedules are generally flexible, and if a client requires consistent, regularly scheduled hours, you will only be assigned to those hours if you want to commit to those hours. A majority of our clients offer a flexible schedule, with calling taking place between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm in their time zone. Once you are an employee, you will have the opportunity to train for a variety of different types of calling, and once you achieve 100 hours of calling, you will be able to apply to other teams within the company or advance into a variety of different positions. Together, we will help you find your perfect work mix.

  • You must enjoy talking with people and helping people.
  • You must have a passion and desire to provided excellent customer service.
  • You will need a pleasant phone voice. Your phone voice for both messages and live calls could be critiqued by Steve and other management when you apply and once calling for clients.
  • You will need unlimited long distance for outbound calling and the ability to call from a blocked number if required.
  • You will need a quiet environment to call from with zero chance of background noise.
  • You must have high-speed internet access.
  • You must be able to commit to ten hours of calling per week.
  • You must be able to read and follow directions with little supervision.
  • Flexible schedules. You will have a number of required hours to meet each week, but you can do it around your life.
  • It's fun! Many of our callers never considered this type of calling before, but after trying it, they love it.
  • Customer satisfaction. You will get to see the benefits of your calling as leads become clients.
  • The ability to build a schedule between 10 and 25 hours per week. We work with our callers to be sure they have the amount of hours they need.
  • Caller camaraderie. Most of our callers are active on Trillian or GTalk chat, and they are more than happy to assist each other.
  • Growth and experience. Many people that started as Callers with us have advanced to other non=phone positions to create a good mix of hours. After calling for 100 hours, you can mix phone and nonphone work to build the perfect work at home position. The sky is the limit!
  • Whether the calling is to current clients or prospects, the following are rough averages of the quantity of calls and numbers.
  • Per Hour - A Caller makes between 20-30 calls per hour, depending on the type of call and database.
  • Bad Phone - Often, about 5-10% of the phone numbers are bad or disconnected and we simply update the database.
  • Voice Mail - A majority of calls are a voice mail machine and we leave a short 30-second voice mail message. The message will always mention the real estate agent name and their phone number so any callbacks go directly to our client. About 80% of calls are voice mail, with an average of about 60%. Thus, it is important to be persistent and consistent in leaving messages in a cheerful voice and updating the database for a future callback.
  • Live Calls - The vast majority of live calls will be pleasant and happy to hear from the real estate agent company. Our experience is that probably 1-5% of calls, at most, are not interested in chatting for a few minutes.
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