Applying for a Job at Lifebushido

Welcome to Lifebushido! We want to thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy our one-of-a kind hiring process.

The unusual company name is derived from an ancient Samurai word that describes the honorable code of conduct that Samurai warriors would adhere to. Besides its original meaning, “Bushido” is used in the company to describe a bold, immediate action, which is where our tagline “Anything is Possible” comes from. The company philosophy is imparted to clients and associates alike. We often do things, which other companies cannot conceive of doing or are too afraid to do. In our early years, we have already accomplished a few things which many people would have said were impossible to accomplish. Bushido, for us, means anything is possible, if you take bold action and go for it. We only hire people who espouse this same approach to life. For this reason, we call our associates “Ishidos.”

Purpose - Why do we exist

  • Lifebushido helps people around the world working part-time from home to help clients and each other discover and focus unique talent to achieve life and work goals. * We connect amazing people into Triangles helping everyone focus, flow, and dream everywhere. *

Core Values - How do we behave

  • Anything is Possible. Gnossos (Knowledge), Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), Bushido (Bold Action).Bushido Code, Team first, No drama. Lifebushido only wants to hire people who want more than a job. Lifebushido seeks individuals who want to work in a supportive environment, are open to doing things a little differently and enjoy helping others. Our hiring process is like no other.
  • To learn more about our philosophy, visit the Lifebushido Home Page.

Core Services - What do we do

  • We provide our Billion Dollar Agent Systems to help top real estate agents focus unique talent, delegate everything else, and stop wasting leads to grow their business to the next level. Our Business Team includes assistants, callers, and consulting to run the business like a $1,000,000 Billion Dollar Agent. We provide Systems, a Business Team, and Billion Dollar Agent Triangle Mastermind. See

Core Clients - Who do we serve

  • Best Agent Business helps top real estate agents from $100,000 to $1,000,000 revenue grow their business and profit by 20%+ per year by providing a Billion Dollar Agent Team of people, systems, and consulting as a one stop shop. We service solo agents, small teams with one Buyer's Agent, and Billion Dollar Agents over $500,000 GCI with goal of over $1,000,000.

Work Types - Type of work we complete

  • Lifebushido employees complete general and administrative support for small businesses, mainly in the real estate industry. These tasks include database management, database entry , accounting, marketing , real estate assistance and general administrative tasks. For more details see open position descriptions below.


  • All starting pay is $10/hour for USA staff and Global staff is $2.50/hour.
  • For more information on pay structure opportunities visit Ishido Roles
  • USA Staff are W2 employees and paid monthly monthly via direct deposit
  • Global staff are paid monthly via paypal

Commitment of Time

  • Most roles within the company you are able to create your own hours but will require for you to complete majority of your work during business hours
  • Our corporate office is located in the Eastern Time Zone but we provide services to all Time Zones
  • We require a 1 business day response time from all Ishidos within the company

Commitment to Lifebushido

  • To succeed at Lifebushido, you need to be a good reader, follow directions, and communicate clearly via email.

Ready to apply for a job with us?

United States Applicants

1 Take 1 minute to Sign Up for our Recruit Email Series if you have not already done so.

2 Take 10 minutes to upload your resume and information to Lifebushido Database - QuickBase Software

3 Take 30 to 60 minutes to complete your Lifebushido Job Application and apply to a team for an interview.

  • Submit a 1 Minute Voice Test
  • Once you have completed all above tasks please email to schedule your interview with a Team Leader.
    • Subject: Recruit - Job Application Complete - First and Last Name
      • Body of Email.
        • First and Last name
        • Team You are applying for - List the team you applied for if more than one list all teams here

Customer Service Callers - Caller - Job Details

  • We have immediate growth needs for Customer Service Callers, US-based, for 10-25 hours per week of outbound calling to clients and warm leads. There is no cold calling and this is not a sales position, it is customer service.

Real Estate Closing Assistant - Closing Assistant - Job Details

  • We have immediate growth needs for Closing Assistants at 10 to 15 hours minimum per week. The Closing Management Team is responsible for managing listings, as well as closings. They work hand in hand with the Realtor around the United States to assist with Contract to Close

Marketing Assistant - Marketing Assistant - Job Details

  • We have immediate growth needs for Marketing Assistants at 10 hours minimum per week. The Marketing Team is responsible for managing and facilitating all of the clients marketing needs. Marketing assistants are well versed in real estate marketing and will utilize their expertise to grow and nurture the clients relationship with past, present and future clients

Leaders - Key Assistant - Job Details

  • We need Leaders. Are you a Leader? Leaders are hired with top priority. Key Assistants positions are project managers who work with our clients directly. Their role in the company is to understand their clients business environment, identify services that develop and grow their business.

Global Applicants - Apply as a Global Assistant

  • Anyone living outside of the United States will need to apply to Lifebushido using the link above.
  • Once your information has been received it will be reviewed by our Talent Team to verify the application is complete
  • If the application is complete you will be connected with Team Leader of the team you applied for to schedule an Interview
  • At the completion of your interview the interviewer will advise if they are recommending you for hire or if you do not meet the minimum requirement, you will then complete a final task to determine if you are good fit for the role.
  • Upon successful completion of that task you will receive a Job Offer from the owner of Lifebushido, Steve Kantor
  • Lifebushido Hires once a month by the 5th of the month
  • Lifebushido payroll is processed monthly on the 2nd and Ishidos are paid on the 5th of the month
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