Team Leader Management

This page is an overview of the Team Leaders (TL) roles and responsibilities.

Team Leaders manage all incoming work from the Key Assistants for our clients. The TL will delegate the work to team Ishido and manage them to make sure it is done on time and properly. They are also responsible for updating systems and building the teams and growing client work hours. More of what TLs are responsible for is listed below:

  • Systems Work - having the idea of “how can we improve X”, how can we design, documenting on the wiki, managing and holding Ishido accountable.
  • Kaizen
  • People - Ishido Management, Sales Management, and Client Management.
  • Create systems for Team Management overall and weekly and monthly flow
  • Increase team hours and team ratings every single month
  • Identify and develop Team Leaders
  • Develop vision of Lifebushido mix of Teams, Key Assistants, and Client Services working smoothly together
  • Create proactive marketing systems for TURN for testimonials, upgrades, retention, and networking of Teams and clients
  • Rating 5 - Achieve
    • Sales - More Clients
    • Systems - More Solid
    • Clients - Service Quality
    • Ishido - Need Recruit
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