Ishido - Rhythm

This page was designed to keep all Ishidos informed of daily, weekly and monthly tasks performed by all Ishidos throughout Lifebushido

Email Communication

  • Ishidos must respond to all email communication with 1 business day of receiving the email.
    • For instance if you receive an email at 8am Monday morning you must reply to the email by Tuesday COB.
    • If you do not have an answer for the email still be sure to reply and advise that you are working on the issue and advise when you expect to have an answer

Goal Actions

  • Goal Action should be entered by Monday at noon ET every week - so that Team Leaders can pull their team billable hour reports due Tuesday morning. It is imperative for all Ishidos to enter their GA“s on time and accurately. Contact your mentor or Team Leader for additional questions.
  • Month end Goal Actions are due by the 2nd of the month at midnight as Steve processes payroll on the 3rd for deposit into the accounts on the 5th - all GAs for the previous months work must be entered by the 2nd and have a status of completed for payment by the 5th.
  • Additional GA information PAYROLL

Lifebushido Updates

  • Team Leaders meet each Monday at 10:30 am ET to review and discuss Lifebushido Big Picture topics. After the calls each Team Leader will send their team a weekly update to review upcoming changes and policy modifications. Teams will reply all to the emails with questions so that all team members are in the loop with the the answers from the Team Leaders.

Client Specific Updates / Needs

Monthly Ishido Weekly Newsletter

  • All Ishidos are sent the weekly newsletter which is designed to maintain clarity among all Ishidos at Lifebushido
  • It is imperative that all Ishidos read the newsletter in its entirety as there are normally action items assigned to update reports and the whole purpose of the newsletter to keep everyone informed it you are not reading it you are not in the know
  • If you are not receiving the newsletter check you spam folder the newsletter is sent from the following email address if you add this a contact in your emails it will no longer go to
  • If you still do not receive it contact your mentor
  • Ishido Newsletters are stored in the following wiki - ISHIDO NEWSLETTER

Ishido Ratings

  • Every Ishido should rate other Ishidos they have worked directly with EVERY month.
  • Ishidos can rate anyone at any time, but Steve expects all ratings for the previous month to be added by the 2nd of the following month by midnight.
  • Remove anyone who is no longer with Lifebushido and add anyone new you are interacting with *
  • Ishido Rating Instructional wiki - Ishido Ratings

Schedule DB Updates

  • Quickbase application, Schedule - Team Management (Schedule DB) is an account of scheduled work for all active client and Ishidos.
  • This system will outline what work is scheduled for the client, how often the work is to be completed, hours budgeted for the work, who is completing the work and which client the work is being completed for.
  • It is required that the Schedule DB, be accurate at all times. This is a valuable tool for tracking client work and eliminating the need for extra spreadsheets.
  • Update your scheduled work - Schedule DB
  • Quickbase application - People Working with Lifebushido (Ishido DB)
  • This system is your internal Ishido record for Lifebsuhido it contains your employment information within the company
  • Ishidos will update the following information in their Ishido DB each Monday - this information will be used by mentors to determine next work assignments and delegation of team tasks
  • In Quickbase
    • Go to the People Working with Lifebushido app
    • From the home page select the People Folder in the top left corner
    • Your Ishido record will be listed in the center - select the pencil (edit) button
    • Under the monthly updates section update the following information - If you are unsure how to answer any of the fields hover your mouse over the help section (yellow circled I)
      • Date Ishido Updated
        • Enter the date you updated your DB - should be updated monthly
      • Work Hour Status
        • Less I want to reduce work hours
        • Same I want to keep the same work hours
        • More I want to more work hours
      • Hours Desired - weekly
        • Enter the number of weekly hours you would like
          • Please note that if this number is greater then the hours you worked last month we will assume you want more hours - for example last month you billed for 75 hours and your Ishido DB shows that your desired hours are 100 we will assume that you are in need of 25 more hours.
      • Client hours + LB Hours + Training / Learning Hours below should equal the hours desired field
        • Example
        • Hours Desired 25
        • Client Hours - 20
        • Training / Learning - 2
        • LB Hours - 3
      • Hours Client
        • How many of those hours will be spent on client work
      • Hours Training / Learning -
        • This field will only be filled in by TL's / Mentors and Ishido currently being trained on a new team - KAT's / MAT's etc
        • How many of those hours will be spent mentoring or training Ishidos
        • How many hours you will be mentored
        • Weekly mentor calls / mentor email communication / scheduled training sessions
      • Hours Lifebushido
        • How many hours you will spend on LB work
        • Entering GA's / Team Calls / Ishido DB updates / Schedule DB updates / Ishido Ratings / LB email communication
      • Client Count now
        • How many clients you are currently assigned
      • Client count more
        • How many more clients you would like assigned
      • Life Status
        • Stress - Life
        • Stress - Work
        • Regular
        • Bushido
      • Expertise
        • List all of the areas within LB that you are an expertise in -
        • Examples
          • Lead Management Assistants - could list the CRM's and Databases they are proficient in - Top Producer/ CINC/ etc
          • Closing Assistants could list the processed and databases they are most proficient in - MLS / Dotloop / DocuSign / CRM's etc
          • Marketing Assistants could list the marketing work they excel in and the programs they have installed on their home PC's - Photoshop - InDesign - Postcards - Website work etc
          • Callers could list the specific type of calling that they are A rated in and the programs they are proficient in as well. - FSBO / Buyer and seller calling etc

Team Calls

All Team calls are held on Best Agent Business main conference line. If you are unable to attend the call you must notify your Team Leader in advance and listen to the recording.

  • Best Agent Business Conference Line
    • (425) 440-5100
    • 894814#
  • Team Schedules
    • Marketing
      • First Thursday of the month @ 1:30 pm ET
    • Client Services
      • First Thursday of the month @ 1:00 pm ET
    • Accounting
      • First Monday at 2:00 pm ET
    • Key Assistant
      • First Wednesday of the month @ 1:00 pm ET
    • Closing Team
      • First Wednesday of the month @ 1:30 pm ET
    • Calling Team
      • Second Wednesday of the month @ 1:00 pm ET
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