Ishido Referral Bonus

Lifebushido is offering referral bonus to Ishidos who help recruit for roles which are in greater demand at Lifebushido.The referral bonus is paid once a New Hire reaches a specific stage as listed below.</font>

  • The referral bonus is 10 hours for any of the roles below.
    • Key Assistant: Key Assistant with 5 active clients
    • Marketing Assistant : Marketing Assistant who has completed 100 client billable hours of marketing work.
    • Caller: Caller who has completed 100 client calling hours for clients or sales calling or a combination.
    • Global * A Global Ishido who has progressed through Database Training as Database Ishido and is now full Database Assistant with 3 clients.
      • Global Caller: Someone who has acceptable accent and hired and completed 100 hours of calling.
  • If you refer 10 Key Assistants or Callers who are active with Lifebushido and working minimum of 10 hours per week doing KA or Client Calling work, you will receive an extra bonus of 100 hours. The rule is that you must have received the initial referral bonus for the Ishido when they reached first completion stage and that 10 or more of those referrals are active and doing work as listed. So, you may have to refer 15 to end up with 10 keepers 6-12 months later.

Referral Process

  • Send the person you are referring the following link
  • You should not guide/help them with process of applying except to explain what email or wiki pages may mean. Our process is constantly changing so if you give them advice based on prior process when you applied, you may point them in the wrong direction.
  • It is okay to help clarify emails they get from Lifebushido or wiki pages they are given.
  • When they apply, they should mention your name in the QuickBase application and also mention your name and CC you when they do the specific application for the specific role. * You are encouraged to recruit in work at home forums, Craigslist, your social network etc.

Confirm Referral Bonus and Getting Paid

  • After the New Hire has completed and gotten paid (payroll complete) for the required role, have them send you a PDF of all their Goal Actions since starting and forward that to Team Leader and cc Ask Team Leader to confirm they have achieved level needed. goes to Steve and he will confirm.
  • You then enter a Goal Action for yourself for the XX hours bonus and in details put name of New Hire. If you have more than one person in a month, have separate Goal Action for each person.
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