Ishido - Going Inactive

Some people start their journey here at Lifebushido and later decide it is not working out. Or the reason that they sought work from home positions have become overwhelming because life happens. If you feel that Lifebushido is not working out for you, please complete the following steps. This will enable us to better understand why you have made this decision and how we may be able to alleviate any stress in the future to keep good people like you on board. We want to improve our hiring process and find the people best suited for this job. Telling us why you feel you are not a good “fit” with Lifebushido will help us tremendously in the future.

  • We are open to discussion to help you make the best possible decision and if we need to help you in your determined endeavor to remain with Lifebushido we are willing to do so. If you feel there is work at Lifebushido which would make use of your unique talent but it has not been acknowledged yet – we can work together to find the work that will better suit you.
  • If you are leaving for personal matters - let the Talent Team know that you would like to be put on hold and give us a date when you will be willing to return to Lifebushido. You can go through the process at another time. We want you back!

Ishido Departure

Please plan on giving us as much notice as possible - ideally at least 30 days for a Team Leader and 2 weeks for other Ishidos - as soon as you know you're leaving please let us know.

  • Send PRIORITY Email Subject Priority - Ishido Phase Out - NAME
    • CC
      • Steve Kantor
      • Team Leaders
      • Mentors
    • Please include your reason for the departure in your email - such as: found another job, personal family reasons, or if it was something that happened within/at Lifebushido.
  • Schedule a conference call with Steve Kantor and your Team Leader
    • During the call Steve will complete the debrief with you and advise of your phase out plan - Phase out plan will consist of the following
      • Transition of clients and clients documents
      • One paragraph summary on the status of each of your clients to your Team Leader and cc Steve
      • If you are a KA with any Calling Clients be sure to pass over their systems document to their new KA, or add it to their internal agenda.
      • Please plan to be available to answer questions for your replacement as part of your professional departure.
  • If your duties include working directly with clients
    • Update all plans, agendas and QB reports are current.
    • Check that all logins we have on file for your clients are also up-to-date. If not, send the correct logins to the logins email and cc the Database Manager.
  • Make sure to leave your areas of responsibilities up-to-date and organized for the next person coming in, with the goal of making the transition as seamless as possible. Keeping things up-to-date and organized should be a regular part of your daily routine all along - it should never be a last minute scramble before you leave - please take the time to review everything from a newcomer's eyes.
  • When your phase out plan has been completed please email
    • Steve Kantor
    • Payroll@bestagentbusiness
    • Team Leader
    • Mentors
    • Your Team Leaders/ mentors will verify that your transition has been completed - THIS STEP IS REQUIRED TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR YOUR FINAL PAYROLL

Ishido - Pause

Sometimes, an Ishido may want or need to step down (either for personal reasons, illness etc) but does not want to fully leave. That is fine too!

  • Please just notify your Team Leader
    • cc
      • Steve Kantor
      • andccall parties that it will directly impact * Advise how long you think you'll be out
      • The reason for the need of the pause
      • Your current work mix.
      • A notice is ideal, but not completely necessary as long as documents are in place.
  • Document this on Ishido - Scheduled Leave

Ishido - Role Change

For TL's, KA's and TLT's:
This applies to Ishidos in a leader role that want to completely phase out of that role and do behind the scenes/task type work.
The following items should be observed in order to maintain their working “reputation” within the company.
This does not apply to emergency type situations.

  • “Burn - out” discussion and work mix discussion should happen first between TL and Ishido to weigh options
  • As professionals, Ishidos should provide at least 30 days notice.
  • As professionals, Ishidos should not damage client retention
  • Please be careful and conscientious with regards to not creating stress for other Ishidos or the Team Leader
  • If there are multiple teams involved - Team Leaders should communicate
  • Steve should be involved if ishido is a CS Asst or KA
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