Communication with Steve Kantor

This page is for tips for how best to communicate with Steve, President of Lifebushido.

Conference Line

  • Steve spends about 15 hours a week on the phone with; clients, Ishidos, perspective clients / former clients / colleagues.
  • The below calls are pre-scheduled 3 months in advance on the main conference line

Ishido calls with Steve

  • Any Ishido can schedule themselves on a daily driver call with Steve. This call is shared with other Ishidos and will give you about 10 to 15 minutes with Steve to review topics.
  • Ishido Solo calls with Steve
    • TL/ATL/Mentors can schedule themselves on a solo call with Steve at any point
    • All other Ishidos must email Steve with a summary of what they would like to discuss with Steve on the solo call. Steve will reply to the email and either approve the solo call or request for the Ishido to schedule a driver call.
      • Subject: Lifebushido - Request for Solo call with Steve - NAME - Date.

Client Calls with Steve

  • When scheduling conference calls for a client, the Ishido scheduling the call must note who scheduled the call and if they will be on the call or if the call will be a direct call with the client.
  • When scheduling a client on a call with Steve please make sure that the client will be at their desk and able to take notes.
    • Calls with Steve will not be effective if the client is unable to concentrate or be distracted and able to take notes from the call
    • Brainstorming Call at the request of the client
      • Client will need to send a long email providing background of situation and brainstorming topics
      • Client should send the email within a day of scheduling the call
    • Lead Management Call
      • Client should be at their computer
      • Have current BDS printed and in front of them for the call
      • Be able to take notes during the call
  • Steve wants to make sure that he is effective with clients and Ishidos on calls - so we re requesting for the Ishidos to rate Steve during these types of calls - Steve comprehends written evaluations better than verbal
  • Directly after the call the Ishido should send the following email to Steve and cc your mentor / TL and Toshua Serrato
    • Subject: Feedback for Steve – Call with XXXX – Rating A/B/C
    • We are asking for any Ishido that is on a call with Steve to rate your interaction your Steve - in the body of the email please provide the following
      • How the call went, was it helpful for the client ?
      • What was done right
      • What was not done right
      • Pending Questions .
      • This will give Steve immediate feedback to make sure he is providing quality service to the clients.
    • If there is more than one Ishido on the line please use the instructions below
      • Client calls - All Ishidos on the line send feedback
      • Ishido Calls - Senior Ishido on the call should send feedback - the other ishidos on the call are welcome to send feedback as well but it is not required.

Main BAB Conference line

  • Phone Number 425-440-5100
  • Back up Phone Number - 206-402-0100
  • ID # 894814

Instant Teleseminar Instructions

  • Instant Teleseminar is the program used to schedule a call on the main BAB conference line - when scheduling a call on the conference line this only holds the line time available - please also make sure to schedule Steve's time on his calendar, using the schedulers listed below.
  • For additional conference call instructions / how to schedule on Instant Teleseminar and how to record or transcript conference calls visit Instant Telesemiar Instructions
  • The below schedulers are the time slots Steve has available for calls with clients/ prospective clients/ former clients, Recruits, New hires, and Ishidos.
  • All calls are 30 minutes

Daily Calls

Client and Ishido Conference Calls

    • Monday Time Slots
      • 11:00am / 11:30 am / 4:00 / 4:30 PM ET
    • Tuesday Through Thursday Time Slots
      • 11:30 am / 4:00 / 4:30 / 5:00 / 5:30 PM ET
    • Friday Time Slots
      • 11:00am / 11:30 am / 4:00 / 4:30 PM ET
  • These calls slots are for client calls or Ishido calls
  • You will need to send the client an email confirmation with dial in Information
    • email template visit CONFERENCE CALL INSTRUCTIONS
  • If you schedule the call, you must be on the call to take notes

Scheduler instructions

  • Use the following link for Steve's scheduler: .
  • First Name
    • For client calls / or real estate agent calls enter clients / agent name
    • For Ishidos calls enter your name
  • Last Name
    • For client calls / or real estate agent calls enter client / agent name
    • For Ishidos calls enter your name
  • Telephone number
    • For client calls - 1-425-440-5100
    • For solo Ishido calls enter your phone number
    • For real estate agent calls - enter the agents phone number
  • Email
    • For client calls - enter clients email address
    • For Ishido calls - enter your email address
    • For real estate agent calls - enter the agents email address
  • Select proceed
  • How many years in Business
    • For client / real estate agents calls - enter amount of years
    • For Ishido calls enter 0
  • Main Reason You want to schedule a call with us - select appropriate response
  • Do you have a copy of the BDA book yet? YES or NO
  • Who scheduled this call online? - select KA or CS or Sales
  • Any other questions or comments - use this field to notate who will attend the call
    • For client calls
      • Client Conference Call to discuss XXX
        • On the call:
        • Steve Kantor
        • Client name
        • Ishido name
      • Direct call with Client name and Steve to discuss
    • For Ishido calls
      • Ishido Conference Call to discuss XXX
        • On the call:
        • Steve Kantor
        • Client name
        • Ishido name
      • Direct call with Ishido name and Steve to discuss
    • For Real Estate Agent Calls
      • Talk to Agents 3-Way Call
        • On the call
        • Steve Kantor
        • Agent Name
        • Your name - provide your own phone number
          • Steve will contact the agent directly and patch you into the call as well

Conference Call Confirmation Email

To: Client CC: Steve Kantor

Subject: Best Agent Business - Conference Call with Steve - Client Name

Dear Client name,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I have scheduled a call with Steve on your behalf, to attend the call please use the login information below. Be sure to log into the call at the time of the meeting as the calls are scheduled in 30 minute increments and Steve prepares the calls to utilize the length of the call. If you are unable to join the call by 5 minutes after the scheduled time please let us know in advance.

Date: Monday, January 28th at 4:00 pm Eastern
Conference Line Number: (425) 440-5100
Conference Pin ID: 894814#

Please reply all with any questions or topics you would like to review during the call.

We look forward to speaking with you,


Quick Calls

  • Sometimes Steve or a TL will email you and ask you to give Steve a Quick Call from 9-11am ET at his number. This may happen when Steve prefers to discuss solo a topic or discuss before the driver call, or if you prefer to speak privately and not on a driver call.
  • Follow up with Steve after the following day to verify if the client reached out to Steve.
    • If the client did not reach out to Steve he will respond to the email to the client and get something scheduled.

Quick Call from Steve Email Template
Subject: Best Agent Business - Call with Steve - CLIENT NAME
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Client

Steve has asked that you give him a quick call sometime this week/weekend. You can reach him at 202-297-2393 . He just wants to catch up briefly and the call should only be about 10 minutes.
Thank you!

  • You must submit an email by COB day before your scheduled call with Steve to review what the call is for so that Steve can prepare for the call
    • For KA's scheduling calls for clients please submit the following
      • Email to review what should be covered on the call
      • Submit 2 topics that you want Steve to cover on the call with any background information that Steve may need for the call
      • If there are topics that you do not want Steve to go over please also submit that in the email
      • Supply Steve with any supporting documentation that he may need to be prepared
  • Actions items assigned to you by Steve - if during a call with Steve he advises that he would like a policy updated or a wiki page changed or updated the Ishido should take notes with Steve changes and then send them to their Team Leader after the call and cc Steve and Toshua. The Team Leader will be responsible for the process updates
  • It is very important to be on-time for all calls. If it is a conference call, be on conference line exactly at start of call. If it is solo call, Steve will call you directly.
  • Connection and Clarity: In order maintain the highest degree of professionalism and out of consideration for Steve and anyone participating in calls with Steve to have a clear and reliable telephone connection with no static or interference.
  • When participating in a call with Steve or as a part of everyday business operations with clients and other professionals, there should also be no background noise
  • When on a call with Steve he may ask for you to send an email regarding the issues you are discussing. Please be sure to allows follow through with an email. The email reminder will ensure that the items discussed will be completed by Steve or will be reassigned to an Ishido for completion.
  • When scheduling calls with Steve please block out an additional 30 minutes to ensure that all action items from the call are completed directly after the call. This helps to ensure that the tasks are completed in a timely manner. It will also give you an opportunity to follow up on any items that you may have questions about once you review your notes from the call. If you have any questions about the call or think of additional areas you would like to review email Steve after the call.
  • No shows
    • Anyone who schedules a conference call with a client and the client or Steve is a no-show at 5 minutes into the call, the person who scheduled the call is responsible for tracking the client / Steve down ( Steve's cell phone number is 202-297-2393).
    • You will need to call all available numbers for the client and leave a voicemail stating why you are calling and that we will stay on the conference call for 5 more minutes and leave the dial-in information.
    • After you have completed this, you will need to immediately send a follow up email to the client stating the same information as above, and then rejoin the conference call. Be sure you CC: Steve, TL or KA that requested you schedule the conference call with the client.
  • Confidentiality:
    • Our conference lines are not confidential, and anyone can hear what is being said. With this said, please refrain from talking negatively about any client or ishido. You may think someone has not joined the line before the call, or you may think they have hung up, and they may not have. A client overhearing negative talk not only makes us look unprofessional, but it can cause retention risks. This situation will cause embarrassment for the ishidos talking as well as the client listening.
  • Punctuality:
    • We all share the same conference line, and it is frequently used back to back. Please arrive on the line five minutes prior to call start time, and start wrapping your call up five minutes prior to end time. If the prior call is still going on at your start time, politely let the moderator know you are on the call, and they will wrap up.
  • Scheduling:
    • This goes hand and hand with punctuality. If you need longer than one hour, make sure you schedule two individual spots to avoid double booking of lines.
  • Observe Time Zones:
    • We all live in different time zones, and it is very easy to book a call without minding others time zones. When booking with a client, send the reminder out in the client’s time zone and EST, but the call needs to be booked on xiosoft in EST always. If you are booking an internal call, the proper procedure would be to use the EST as the company mailing address is in EST.
  • Preparation:
    • Prepare for your call. Draft an outline of what you need to cover and stick to it. An agenda or outline will make the most efficient use of your time. Allow time for Q&A on your agenda, but don’t let the topic wander.
  • Introductions:
    • Formally open each meeting with a role call and allow each caller to introduce themselves. Everyone has not talked with everyone and may not recognize voices. If there are multiple people on the line that have not talked with each other, it would be a good idea to say, “this is Mary” until everyone is familiar with each other’s voices.
  • Speaker Phone
    • Please do not use your speaker phone when you are speaking on a conference call. The speaker phone does not transmit voices well and you may become hard to hear and understand. If you need the use of your hands during a call please make sure to use a headset - your voice should always be crystal clear when speaking on the conference line.
  • Noise:
    • The mute button is your friend. If you are not speaking, please use it to minimize background noise. Some common noise irritants that are generally unknown to the offender on conference calls are distant dogs barking, pencil tapping, sighing, humming, breathing into the phone, eating on the phone, shuffling papers and using the printer. If you are driving while on a call, muting is a must. The white noise of traffic is disruptive to other attendees.
    • It's imperative that clients not hear children in the background on the conference line. Most of us have children, so we all understand - however a client could easily be offended. If your children will be in the background make sure you stay on mute. Make the necessary arrangements if you have to speak on the call.
  • Common Sense:
    • When in doubt, use common sense. Think about what you say as once the words leave your mouth, they are there. The conference lines are open for anyone to dial in, and you never know who is lurking!
  • Steve may sometimes random dial you to catch up for 5 to 10 minutes
  • If you are not able to commit to the call or in a place to take notes just let Steve know that you are not free at that time and find out if he wants you to schedule a call with him
  • Sometimes Steve has issues that he would like to brainstorm with you and sometimes he may be just checking in to see if you need any additional time or need to review anything with him
  • Steve is currently doing more in person meetings with Clients so he will be reaching out directly to Ishidos to see if they need any direction from him.
    • If you are not able to take the call just find out of he needs you to schedule a call with him
  • After calls with Steve make sure to send your notes from the call outlining action items from the call and cc your mentor
    • All KATs and callers that attend any conference call with Steve must take notes and send those notes to Steve and cc your mentor directly after the call - even if there are 3 callers Steve wants notes from each caller that attended the call.
  • If you are confused about anything on a call with Steve please make sure to email Steve with what you heard on the call with any questions and schedule yourself on a driver call to review with Steve
  • If you have an issue with a client call please make sure to email Steve your concerns and schedule yourself on a driver call with Steve to review.
  • Steve gets 200-300 emails per day and process emails from desktop Outlook or Blackberry using autorules into Outlook folders. Out of 100 incoming emails, only 5 remain in my Inbox. They automatically go to folders. Those 5 emails are usually from new leads or brand new clients or new Ishidos and get my attention for immediate action as needed.
  • I process and focus on emails as follows:
  • Core: This is from the core Ishidos such as Team Leaders.
  • Priority: Next I review Priority emails. I would like to reduce Priority emails. Please use word Testimonial - Upgrade - Retention - or Networking in subject line if it refers to that type of client situation. I may be telling Ishidos who send me Priority email to in future not send such an email and go their mentor or TL first. This will evolve.
    • Priority email: These emails have the word Priority at the start of the subject and go into a Priority email folder which I work on throughout the day. Our goal is to dramatically reduce Priority emails overall at Lifebushido by everyone being more current and improved email management.
  • Steve To: I have a folder which searches for New emails, unopened, which are addressed To: me personally. I review those daily. There are usually 10-15 of those only. Many emails I get via CC or a systems email and those folders are more for periodic access for when I catch up with a client or Ishido.

Subject Lines and Email Etiquette

For all emails, please do the following 
*Emails to clients subject lines should always be formatted as seen below:

  • * Best Agent Business – Team Name – reason for email – client name - Date
    • If it is a Lifebushido client, then replace Best Agent Business with Lifebushido
  • Priority emails should have priority as the first word in the subject line
  • Emails to Ishidos subject line
    • Team Name – reason for email – client name - Date
    • Examples for all TURN emails
      • Testimonial - Client Name / Team Name - date
      • Upgrade Client Name / Team Name - date
      • Retention Client Name / Team Name - date
      • Networking Client Name / Team Name - date
  • Spell out Best Agent Business rather than use BAB. The same goes for Lifebushido, rather than LB, even if the client refers to us as BAB or LB.
    • BAB and LB can be used internally, just not with clients.
  • Always be professional and use professional language and proper grammar.
  • USE spell check!
  • Remember to include a greeting for each email, example: Dear Client or Hi Client. Use of client’s first name is fine, no need to address them as Mr. or Ms. unless the client tells you to use Mr. or Ms.
  • Steve loves to get mail at his home office. See address at bottom of Strategy memos, notes, poems, books, and misc stuff is welcome.
  • Have you ever gotten a package in the mail from Steve? If not, add your name to bottom and ask Steve to send you a New Hire Package. This started only 2-3 years ago so some Ishidos never got one:PACKAGES FROM STEVE
  • If you like getting packages from Steve, request more
  • When sending anything in the mail to Steve, do not use paperclips. He strongly dislikes them. Use binder clips.
  • Make sure you have a clear phone voice - no background noise, static etc. and do not use a speakerphone.
  • Don't use the phrase “a lot”. Be decisive and give clear answers
  • Let him speak - do not cut him off, he will let you know when he's ready for you to talk.
  • Be clear on numbers. Don't give ranges unless asked. Example: If he asks. “How many hours a week do you want to work?” You should reply 20 or X number of hours, not 15-20.
  • Do not send a link to a Google document. The document should be exported and sent as an attachment in either PDF or Excel format.
  • Be sure documents are in portrait format NOT landscape unless absolutely necessary.
  • Use Arial font or similar and 10-12 pt. font size. Emails should be consistent with same font, font size and no frills [emoticons, backgrounds, etc.]
  • If using Outlook or similar programs, make sure to set up your Contacts where only the names appear in the To/Cc fields and no email addresses.
  • Do not use red font color in your emails to Steve! He prefers dark green or blue.
  • Avoid using the Priority and other fields in Outlook when sending your emails. Use Priority words at the beginning of the Subject line if applicable.
  • SPELL CLIENT'S NAMES CORRECTLY!!! At least once a month someone spells a Client's name wrong - please be attentive to details.
  • Staying ahead of him on tasks
  • Send stuff in the mail
  • Working and Living in a bushido mindset Bushido Code
  • Obtain Testimonials and Referrals from clients.
  • Proactive Kaizen from Ishidos
  • Focus your unique talent and delegate everything else!
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