Client Referral Bonus

If you have a Client that refers another top agent/coach/brokerage to Best Agent Business you may be eligible for a 5 hour Referral Bonus!

  • You get a Client to refer/connect you/Steve/BAB to another agent who is qualified above $100,000 GCI and has potential need for our assistant or calling services. The referred agent is the Lead.
  • You must schedule a conference call with Steve, the Lead and you.
  • You must take notes on the call and send to Steve by COB.
  • Steve will then take next steps to do proposal and close sale.
  • The potential client cannot be someone who has already spoken with Steve; it must be a brand new contact. This is determined by PEOPLE DB.
  • If a client is happy and refers a qualified person who actually has a call with Steve in one of the below categories you will get a 5 hour bonus
    1. Coaching - If the client has a coach that Steve has not spoken with, and you get the coach on a call with Steve.
    2. Broker - If there are 20 or more agents in the office and you get Steve a call with the broker.
    3. Top Agent Friend - If the client has top agent friends and you get Steve a call with one.
    4. Database - If the client has agent records in their database, send Steve the code for the list in client's database and Steve has a call with one
  • To Qualify for the bonus- if the Referral is non Real Estate clients to qualify they must have at least 100K GCI and have a business need.
  • Explain our subscription and hours. Make sure that they realize our business is designed for the 995 level minimum. Steve will sometimes make an exception and let a client start at 495, but only if he feels they will upgrade to the 995 very quickly.
  • Regardless get the referral on a call with Steve and he will determine if it will qualify for a bonus, you will get paid for the time you are on the call and use it as a learning tool.
  • The Smart Bonus that Steve will be offering to New Clients will really help with this.
  • Steve offers if you are afraid to ask get them on a call with him and he will ask for you.

Suggested Type of People and Connections

  • Ask for referrals from clients - it will impress the client that you are proactive
  • Asking for referrals from clients also builds rapport with them
  • Build relationships with people who know the client
  • Encourage Client/SOI calling - we show we are brave enough to ask for referrals
  • When asking agents for referrals, try to get a call with the office or team leader. These can easily lead to multiple referrals.
  • The nature of our clients is sales, so use that to your advantage and say that they can offer fellow agents (referrals) something of value. One of the best things our clients can “give away” to referrals is a free brainstorming session with Steve. Below is an email template of what you can send to your client after you talk with them about referrals.

Connection – Gift Referral – Email Template

Subject: Connect to agents for Billion Dollar Agent Brainstorming Call

Attach : :wiki:lifebushido_resources:proposal-bestagentbusiness-general.pdf


I want to give you a small gift to pass along to some agent colleagues.

In thanks for your ongoing business with Best Agent Business, I am giving you a few $99 gifts to pass along to a few agents.

You can forward this email and CC me and Steve to three top agents who you think may enjoy a brainstorming call with Steve and may have a need for our assistant/calling services.

They can schedule a call with Steve at, or they can reach out to me and I can schedule it for them. Steve is the author of Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto with over 1,000 agent interviews in the past 10 years.

See attached for overview of Best Agent Business and our services.

Steve would like to give each agent a gift of a complimentary Online Marketing Review of their business which is about 5 hours or $99 worth of services. See

We help top agents grow their business to the next level with our Billion Dollar Agent System of assistants, calling, and consulting. We help with Marketing, Lead Management, and Closing Management. Our system helps agents Focus Unique Talent, Delegate Everything Else, and Stop Wasting Leads.

We appreciate your business and thanks in advance for passing this along to three agents.




Best Agent Business

Day 1-10 Questions

  • These questions during Day 1-10 kickoff helps to identify potential people for referrals.
  • Source: How did you hear about Best Agent Business (they may have been referred from an agent or group).
  • Brokerage: How many agents in the office? Who is the broker/manager? Get a call with broker manager or owner.
  • Coach: Are they currently coaching with anyone?
  • Platforms: Are they involved in platforms like CINC, Boomtown and they may know other agents within that platform.

Day 15 - Client Services

  • Idea: If they report positively A rated for Day 15 CS Email, then KA can pursue by offering a gift of $99 to give to three agent friends.
  • Suggest KA offers gift of Billion Dollar Agent Executive Summary to 3 agents or LG99FREE to 3 agents.

Day 30 Onwards

  • If client is on track, here are types of people who may be connections for calls
  • Buyer's Agents - if they have a Buyer's Agent doing over $100,000 of GCI, they qualify for a call.
  • Agents at their brokerage who are friends.
  • Agents at other brokerages locally who are friends.
  • Agents who have referred them business whether local or national - give a LG99FREE gift.
  • Agents they know in other cities
  • Agent-A people they have tagged if they have done Agent ABC coding.
  • Vendors ABC - if they have a Vendor who runs a business over $100,000 GCI, we are happy to chat with them and give them a Time Management Challenge LG99FREE to help them improve their business.
  • Once a client mentions that they have a potential referral you will need to contact the prospective as soon as possible or within 24 hours of lead
  • Update the lead in the People DB
    • To determine if a prospective or referred client is already working with our Sales team please check the Sales DB.
      • Open the People app in QB
      • In the top right hand corner click on the search tab
      • Type in the prospective client’s name
        • If we have spoken with the client, they will appear in the list
      • If blank they are new- you will start the referral process if the lead is new
      • If they are already in the system this means that someone from sales has already been working with the lead
        • The assigned to person is the sales person – send the sales person an email and advise that a lead they have been working with was referred by client name - make sure to cc Steve into the email
    • To determine if a new Coach
      • Go to Client DB - BAB People
      • Open client record
      • Under client profile section click on the coach field - review the list of coaches
  • Add new Lead
    • Top right select green button add new person
      • Business - Lifebushido
      • Group - Proposal
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Email
      • Source - referral - client
      • Status - Fresh
      • Last call - date of scheduled call with Steve
      • Assigned to Steve Kantor
      • Activity - Date - Initials - Referred by Client Name

Voicemail Script

  • Hi NAME, my name is xxxx I am calling from Best Agent Business. Name referred you to our company and advised that you may have a need for our services. I will follow up this voicemail with an email so that we can schedule a better time to talk. I look forward to speaking with you and hope you are having a great day!

Follow up Email - VM

Subject: Best Agent Business - Prospective Client - Client Name

cc: Steve Kantor / KA mentor / Client that referred the lead

Hi Name,

My name is XXX, I left you a voice mail earlier and wanted to follow yp with an email. Client Name has referred you to us and feels that we may be a good fit for your current business needs.

I would like to schedule you on a call with our CEO, Steve Kantor sometime this week or next. Please let me know when you may have some time this week for a quick call with me.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Live call

  • Introduce yourself to the potential lead and advise that client name xxx referred them to us and that they may have a need for our services. Advise that we would like to schedule them on a call with our CEO Steve Kantor to review their business needs and determine if we are a good fit for them.
  • Schedule them on a client call with Steve.
  • Once you have the call scheduled determine a good time for you and the prospective client to complete a business analysis to prepare them and Steve for their scheduled call.
  • Send a follow up email after the call

Follow up email Live call

Subject: Best Agent Business - Lead name

cc: Steve Kantor/ KA mentor / Client that referred the lead

Hi Name

Thank you for speaking with me today, I have scheduled a business analysis call with me for Date and Time.

I have also scheduled a call with Steve on your behalf, to attend the call please use the login information below. Be sure to log into the call at the time of the meeting as the calls are scheduled in 30 minute increments and Steve prepares the calls to utilize the length of the call. If you are unable to join the call by 5 minutes after the scheduled time please let us know in advance.

Date: Monday, January 28th at 4:00 pm Eastern
Conference Line Number: (425) 440-5100
Conference Pin ID: 894814#

Please reply all with any questions or topics you would like to review during the call.

We look forward to speaking with you,

Business Analysis Call

  • Determine their business need as best you can and Steve will make the final determination. Be sure to obtain website information and look the lead up on Google or their website,Linked ln. During the call with the client use our business analysis to obtain information. If they do not have time to go through all the questions, the most important ones are bolded:
  • Make sure to take notes and answer the questions
  • Once the call is complete sign into the People DB and access the led record
  • Update the activity section with the notes from the business analysis call
  • Send Steve the the notes from the call
    • Subject: Business Analysis Call - Lead Name

Conference Call with Steve

  • Attend call and take notes
  • Add notes from the call to the Sales DB
    • Activity -
      • Date - Initials - Conference call with Steve Notes
        • Summary of the call
  • If the client attends the conference call you can bill 5 hours for your Referral Bonus!!!

Billing For you Referral Bonus:

  • Business - Lifebushido
  • Status - Completed
  • Client - Lifebushido
  • Work Type - Special Golden Egg
  • Manager - Steve Kantor
  • Description - Client Referral Bonus
  • Details - Name of the client that referral was received from and the name of the referral with the date of the call with Steve
    • Jane Doe referred John Smith
    • 1/5/18 call with Steve
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