Ishido - Become an Ishido

Newshido: Someone who has completed the New Hire process, been accepted into and is actively working through their initial 100 hour period with Lifebushido. A Newshido works for a period of 4-6 months to complete 100 hours of work in order to qualify as an Ishido. Once a Newshido has completed 100 hours of paid work, they should then apply for Ishido status.

Before you begin, please check your payment records to verify you have completed and been paid for 100 hours of work by Lifebushido. Then read the requirements below to decide whether or not you want to become an Ishido:

  1. Complete 100 hours of client billable work
  2. Create an Ishido Page and keep it updated - Ishido Pages
  3. Email the Applying to become an Ishido template - listed below - to the 3 main mentors / TL's you have completed work for.
  4. Submit your Ishido Application to Steve Kantor.

Subject Line: PRIORITY: Application to Become an Ishido - YOURNAME - DATE

TL/ Mentor

I have completed 100 hours of client billable work and I am applying to become an Ishido with Lifebushido. As my main mentor or team leader I am requesting for you to send the below information to Steve Kantor using the subject line. Ishido Rating -ISHIDO NAME- TEAM - MANAGER NAME

  • An A, B or C rating of your performance
  • A description of the type of work I have been doing
  • Any comments regarding my job performance
  • A recommendation for you to possibly fill the role of Driver, Team Leader and/or Key Assistant
  • Create a word or pdf document
    • Name the document Ishido Application - YOUR NAME
  • You can spend up to 1 hour creating your application - this is billable under Ishido Training/ Mentoring
  • Email completed application
    • To Steve Kantor-
    • Subject: Ishido Application -YOURNAME- DATE * Attach - Your completed Ishido Application word or pdf document
    • Body of the Email - Ishido Application Attached
  • Ishido Application Guidelines - use the below to create your Ishido Application - Make sure to answer and provide all information below
    • Questions * Which Ishido do you feel best exemplifies Lifebushido Vision and why?
      • What is the most unique aspect of Lifebushido you enjoy or appreciate the most?
      • Explain why you want to become an Ishido.
      • Which of your Unique Talents are we not yet aware of?
      • Of the Unique Talents we are and are not aware of, which would you like to use more in your Ishido role?
      • Please suggest 3 things you think a Newshido should have to do in order to become an Ishido or 3 ways ideas of how to celebrate a Newshido becoming an Ishido
    • Referrals
      • List of names for everyone you have referred to Lifebushido that has been hired. Include in Ishido Application Packet.
    • Project - Optional
      • Decide on a project for you to complete, within 1-4 hours of work, that will help to promote the business, creative or social entrepreneurial aspects of Lifebushido.
      • Complete the project
      • Attach the results of the project you completed or include the URL
        • This portion is optional and billable to Ishido Learning/ Mentoring for up to 4 hours
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