Job Descriptions

This page will be used to outline the current Job Descriptions for the core areas of LIfebushido

Team Leaders manage all incoming work from the Key Assistants for our clients. The TL will delegate the work to team ishidos and manage them to make sure it is done on time and properly. We are also responsible for updating systems and building the teams and growing client work hours.

Team Leader Vision

  • Leader– all teams should have a great leader that is both a people and systems person and able to manage all aspects and move the team forward (kaizen) continually and be proactive rather than reactive. Must be able to achieve all goals placed before the Team and constantly show the Lifebushido vision of Gnossos, Kaizen, and Bushido. Delegate to strong ATL/Team Ishidos to help manages aspects of the team that need more focus to move things forward and clear the Team Leader’s plate.
  • Systems– must be created, implemented and documented on the wiki. All wikis and databases must be 100% at all times, there are zero exceptions. Systems must be clear and concise and 2-3 other Ishidos have reviewed and confirm they make sense
  • Training- should be mostly automated, recorded and template email ready to be sent when a trainee is ready to start.
  • Ishidos– Achieve target Global Ishido percentage defined by Team Management as well as assisting in achieving Client Target Count. TL to help identify and grow KATs and TLTs to aid in continual overall growth of the company.
  • Sales– Consistent growth of 10% per month in client work hours
  • Clients– Networking with clients and work marketing team is leading to new clients for Lifebushido on monthly basis
  • Once a 5 rating is achieved- all Tl’s are to have an Assistant Tl (someone in training to take over the team in absence or when a Tl needs to change roles. Goal of a Tl should be to work themselves out of a role (ie, get your team to a 5 and then turn over to a new TL and start a new role). There will always be more work for 5 rated Team Leaders. Frequent calls/joining driver calls/emails are ideal in order to make this process flow.
  • Team Managementhas tips, resources and existing systems in place to make all of the above happen. If you are unsure of what direction to go in order to achieve a 5 rating in all of the areas, please don’t hesitate to email Teams@BestAgentBusiness.comand state what areas you need help with and we will provide feedback and give ideas on how to succeed.


  • Create systems for Team Management overall and weekly and monthly flow
  • Increase team hours and team ratings every single month
  • Identify and develop Team Leaders
  • Develop vision of Lifebushido mix of Teams, Key Assistants, and Client Services working smoothly together
  • Create proactive marketing systems for TURN for testimonials, upgrades, retention, and networking of Teams and clients
  • Rating 5 - Achieve
  • Sales - More Clients.
  • Systems - More Solid
  • Clients - Service Quality
  • Ishidos - Need Recruit
  • Overview * Key Assistant drives business growth by guiding clients to implement the Billion Dollar Agent System and mentoring and leveraging Ishidos and Teams to get stuff done.
    • Client Focus: KA has laser-like focus on client happiness and service delivery.
    • Retention Obsession: KA is obsessed to keep a client for life and do everything it takes to retain clients.
    • Sales: KA is responsible for sales and bringing in more revenue via Upgrades and Referral Networking.
    • Growth: KA is responsible for growth of their client base via growing mentee base.
    • A Key Assistant is positive, passionate, and persistent.
  • Basics * Hours is 15-25 hours per week with ability to work 1 hour minimum all 5 days Mon-Fri.
    • Ability to spend up to 50% of time on phone with Clients or Ishidos.
    • Pay is $10/hour to start, $11/hour once Client Assistant (to be defined - like a KAT currently), $12/hour base once KA achieved, bonus structure leads to target $15/hour end Year 1 and $20/hour end of Year 2.
  • Ideal path: * Start as Triangle Leader, Hired as Marketing, Caller, or Closings, start KA training after 100 hours of client work around Month 3
    • Month 3-6: Cross-training on all teams, KA training, work as KAT with a KA, help with new clients Day 1-100. Start to get 1-2 clients after Day 100 as KA delegates/assigns a happy current client.
    • Team Training on rotation includes Marketing, Lead Management, Calling, Closing Management, Accounting, Talent, and more.
    • Generate Business: Given budget of $1,000 to give away in 5 hour chunks as Client Revive, or LG99FREE, or Referral Calls to learn how to speak to clients directly and prove sales/growth mentality.
    • A KA is given only X clients. They must retain, referral networking, and generate business to grow client base.
  • TURN Clients into Superstars - Bonus. * The base pay of $12/hour is increased by bonus structure.
    • Testimonials - Bonus $XXX for Testimonial by Day 100, or $XXX by Day 180.
    • Upgrades - Bonus of $XXX
    • Retention - Retention bonus of $XXX for Client 6 Months Paid and every 6 Months.
    • Networking - Referral Call bonus of $50 for completed call and $50 once sales complete signup.
  • Learning * A Key Assistant must be personal growth oriented and spend 1+ hours on their own every week learning something to make themselves better in the job and career. It may be reading, video, podcast, etc.

Manage client databases, leads and logins. Import, export and cleanup data. Implement standard contact types and ratings with client. Create and manage daily, weekly, monthly and annual client reports. Create and manage weekly internal reports. Respond to requests and inquiries from clients and KAs via email within 24 hours.


Our Goal is to be able to assist our Client from the moment they get that listings until after it closes. The Listing Management Team works closely with clients to manage any and all aspects of their Listing Transactions. Our team manages anything from adding a new listing to the MLS and different sites, suggesting new areas to market to (ie Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, etc), price changes, photo updates, Open Houses, Virtual Tours and much more. As the Listing Assistant you are “in charge” of all related tasks for an agent. You are the go-to person for listings for that agent, and you take ownership to make sure all tasks are completed.


As the Closing Assistant you are in charge of all Closing related tasks for an agent. You are the go-to person for Closing work for that agent, and you take ownership to make sure all tasks are completed. You do all of the work for this agent. Individuals on the Closing Team MUST be proactive. You should never be the one being waited on for anything. You must be willing to speak with clients and be phone approved by Team Leader and Steve Kantor.
Tasks include (but not limited to):

  • Working hand in hand with agent.
  • Review contracts and enter all important information into Client's database.
  • Close out transaction in database once property has successfully closed.
  • Contact Buyers, Sellers, Title Companies, Attorneys, Lenders, etc. via email and phone on a weekly basis throughout the closing process and more often when needed.
  • Provide client's KA updates as needed and keep them up-to-date on budget
  • Make sure Closing Plan is always accurate and update as needed.
  • Follow a closing from ratification date to closing date and make sure all dates are being met.

Skills/Traits Needed for Listing/Closing Management

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Self-starter and Go-Getter
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • The ability to deal with many different personality types
  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Ability to follow directions, policies and procedures
  • Problem solver
  • Detail oriented, responsible and accountable
  • Works well with both clients and fellow Ishidos
  • Having experience in Real Estate is a MUST.
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