Ishido Roles

This page is for overview of Ishido Roles and pay compensation for Lifebushido.Note: A person who works with Lifebushido is called an Ishido, not an employee.
Email all questions and referrals to which goes directly to Steve Kantor, President of Lifebushido.

  • Define Referral Bonus compensation available to anyone, whether hired by Lifebushido or not working for Lifebushido
  • Define starting pay for USA and Global Ishidos and pay methods
  • Define advancement roles within Lifebushido and compensation increases

The starting pay is USA $10.00/hour for USA Ishidos.
The starting pay is Global $2.50/hour for Global Ishidos.

All Global Ishidos, whether from Canada, India, Israel, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Philippines, or other countries start at $2.50/hour for the first 100 hours. If very capable, a Global Ishido may be promoted very quickly after first 100 hours to other roles.

We provide referral bonuses to help us find Ishidos to hire and to help us find new clients
The Referral Bonus can be earned by anyone in the world, whether they are working with Lifebushido or not and whether they have applied to work with Lifebushido or not.
Ishido Referral Bonus
Client Referral Bonus

  • If you work for Lifebushido as a KA, you get 5 hours or $50 bonus just for setting up the call. If you are not working for Lifebushido yet, you get $50 if the call results in the real estate agent hiring Best Agent Business within 30 days of phone call.

A USA Ishido is someone who is approved for employment as an employee within the United States and paid via Paychex payroll service monthly via automated bank deposit or fund transfer to a Visa debit card and passes employment eligibility via I-9 employment process. A USA Ishido usually is living in USA but may be living overseas.

A Global Ishido is anyone outside of the United States who will work as an independent contractor and paid monthly via PayPal.

USA Ishido Roles and Compensation and Raises

These are for USA Ishidos. The greatest needs for higher level roles including the following skills.
Not all are required for each role.

  • Sales and influence: Persuading, influencing, and selling ideas and services to Clients, Leads, and Ishidos.
  • Client Management path: Key Assistant is generally the most highly compensated path. Some Client Services Ishidos will evolve to Client Revive and/or Key Assistant roles. Some Callers will evolve to Key Assistant or Sales Calling or Client Revive.
  • Calling with super organized presentation skills: Speaking to Clients and Leads.
  • Focus Hour: The interest and ability to be incredibly focused and productive for 1 or 2 hours per day.
  • Systems: The ability to get brain dump from Steve on a systems need, add your own ideas, get ideas from Clients/Ishidos and then bushido design or rebuild a system and kaizen implement and delegate to Systems team run by Globals. this requires a passion for databases and skills in QuickBase.
  • Downgrade: If you are at higher compensation level and want to change your work mix or your role is reduced, your compensation may or may not be adjusted downwards. This will be handled on a case by case basis so do not assume either way.

Ishido Action

  • Ishido Growth Path: If you aspire to any of these roles, Steve and the Talent Team is here to help mentor you and help in all ways possible. Let us work with you on an Ishido Growth Path.

Ishido Roles

  • Team Management - Team Leader
    • Team Leader - above 5,000 client hours per month. $25/hour. This means that the team led by Team Leader is doing over 5,000 of client billable hours per month.
    • Team Leader - above 4,000 hours. $20/hour.
    • Team Leader - above 2,000 hours. $15/hour.
    • Team Leader - below 2,000 hours. $12/hour.
  • Mentors
    • Mentors with 4-10+ Ishidos completing 10 hours of client work per week, which is 100 hours per week and minimum 400 per month is $11/hour. Over 400 hours monthly is $12/hour. The hours are client billable hours to specific clients.
  • Key Assistant - Client Management
    • A Key Assistant starts as a KAT - Key Assistant Trainee, and progresses to become a full Key Assistant. A Key Assistant will always be at one of the levels below, not two levels at once.
    • Business Consultant: This Ishido provides a business consulting role to our top clients to advise them on their business and grow their business. This is a sales and consulting role. Works 10-20 hours per week with very structured 50% phone and 50% write up/emails from phone calls. Thus, for 10 hours per week, there would be 10 30 minute phone calls with clients and then 10 30 minute slots right afterwards to write up game plan/agenda. They could focus on a single Personality Type of Calm Cathy, Hyper Harry, Rockstar Rick or a mix. This is a sales/consulting role which will achieve some of the impact that Steve does on current Client Group Calls. $20/hour.
    • Key Assistant Group Leader: This is a top Key Assistant who works 20+ hours, is mentoring multiple KA with a combined active client subscription base of over 2,000 budget hours per month. The client subscription base is defined as active monthly subscription which would not include clients who have paused subscriptions due to slow hours. For example, 40 clients at 50 hours per client is 2,000 hours per month. $15/hour.
    • Key Assistant Mentor: This is a KA who has 50+ points who is a KA Mentor for 3 or more KATs. $12/hour.
    • Key Assistant: This is a KA who has completed Month 3 of training and has 3+ clients. $11/hour.
    • Key Assistant Trainees re training with a Key Assistant Mentors
  • Client Revive
    • See REVIVE
    • Pay is $10/hour with current bonus of 10 hours for a closed Client Revive. Current Client Revive callers are hitting about $12/15 hour total compensation.
    • Client Revive is open to Key Assistants, Client Services, Callers, and other TL and ATL.
    • You can either hand-select 5-20 clients who you had worked with previously as KA, CS, Caller, TL and focus just on those clients, or do general Client Revive work with a group of 30-50 clients to call and touch base monthly.
  • Sales Calling
    • Sales Callers start at $10/hour just like Client Callers. Often a Caller may try both Sales Calling and Client Calling to see which ones they like.
    • Sales Callers working 10+ hours per week using autodialer and attending two Steve sales calls or client calls per week will likely achieve $12-15/hour with bonuses.
    • Sales Callers working on commission only will likely make $15-25/hour. This means they are working as Jedishido with no base and commission only. This is separate option
  • Systems
    • Systems Wizard: Works 10 hours per week on clear Focus Hours systems role. Spends about 1.5 hours per day designing and kaizen of systems and .5 hours answering questions or implementing or holding people accountable. Must attend Driver Call with Steve 3x per week to get guidance on next system needs and do daily email. Requires solid database skills, ability to get info from Steve fast, and QuickBase abilities on all basic user functions and designing new reports and auto emails. This role is not ready to be filled. I am looking for Ishidos for potential training for this role over next 3-6 months.
  • Steve Assistant - $20/hour - 5 hours per week
    • This role is for 1-3 Ishidos to work directly with Steve on business issues which require a bushido mindset, calling leads, joint venture partners, clients, Ishidos as needed and getting things done fast.
      • The role is highly accountable for results and the Ishido must stay ahead of Steve. They should usually be waiting on Steve, not Steve waiting on them.
      • About 50% of time is likely on phone and 50% non-phone.
      • This can either be for someone working only 5-10 hours per week or some work is done at this level compensation and some at regular levels.
  • Jedishido: This is performance-based projects/work.
    • It has likely the maximum and to some extent unlimited earning potential. This is called an intrapreneurial project. Compensation target is $15-50/hour. Add your name and email me.
    • The minimum for Jedishido project work is 1 hour per day with a minimum commitment of one month or about 20 hours to see how it is working and first results.
    • Based on background and skills of Ishido, we will come up with a Jedishido project which is a good fit with your unique talent.
  • Other
    • If you wonder about some role or your current role which is not listed here, ask Steve.
  • Global Ishidos Starting pay: $2.50/hour.
  • Global Callers: $2.50/hour start, $3.00/hour after 100 hours of calling, $4.00/hour after 1,000 hours of calling, $5.00/hour after 2,000 hours of calling. This is a new role which we are starting to recruit for.
  • Mentors – Global Ishidos can progress by becoming mentors. Mentee count is based on anyone who you are/were primary mentor and they are still at Lifebushido working 10+ hours client work per week. So you may mentor 3-7 at a time. If a mentee graduates and moves on to mentor with someone else, you still get credit for their work.
    • 3 mentees: $3.00/hour
    • 5 mentees: $3.50
    • 7 mentees: $4.00
    • 10 mentees: $5.00/hour
  • Key Assistant: If a Global has all skills to become a Key Assistant, the pay is $10/hour.
  • Jedishido: Globals can propose Jedishido projects or an interest in Jedishido performance-based work in order to make more money.

Please add any questions below and then email Steve and he will write up the answers or adjust the wiki. Thank you.

  • What criteria is used to determine whether a USA Ishido residing outside of US is an employee/contractor or US/Global Ishido?
    • Other than I-9 are their any other eligibility requirements for a USA Ishido living overseas to qualify for employment vs contractor status?
    • Only way to be USA Ishido is if eligible and legal to work as employee in USA per I-9 employment verification process.
  • Will pay be assessed per each role or flat rate if working across multiple Teams? Based on someone working these various roles: Client Revive $12-$15 - Steve Assistant @ $20 - Jedshido - Varies
    • If someone is a mixed role, it will be custom compensation worked out with Steve.
  • Have we had UK and Canada Ishidos (UKishidos & CanUKishidos) who have worked before for $2.50? Is it relevant and something we need to address now? Are we targeting them as Recruits?
    • We have had Global Ishidos from over 10 countries. The problem before was that someone who had USA level of skills from a US level economy like Australia had no clear way to work here. Now they do, after trial period at $2.50/hour, if they have skills to be full Key Assistant, Team Leader, etc, they will be paid at that level.
  • Ishido Roles - how many Ishidos in QB below 2,000 hours and how many are above 2,000? Are the tiers you created in-sync with something attainable or were these just numbers you wrote down?
    • About 10-20% of Ishidos are at levels of compensation higher than $10.00/hour starting pay.
  • Mentors - I'm lost on the math where it starts with “which is 100 hours per week..” Wait. I got it. You could theoretically mentor 4 Ishidos who worked 100 hours per month but not all Ishidos work maximum hours. Ok. This puts ownership of team progress and accountability into the hands of the Mentor. Nice.
    • Correct.
  • Is the current point system fair to KAs who are also MAs? If a KA does a considerable amount of Marketing work for her clients, she may not be able to take on many KA clients at a time. This dual role makes sense but with the point system, it also positions the KA/MA with active Marketing clients to take longer to reach 50 KA points. Since one of our intentions in the SP is to focus on marketing as a central value to BAB clients, it does not make sense for people with marketing skills to have a slower path to higher compensation because they are busy with client work on the Marketing side. How can this be addressed?
    • No, you are correct, this is not fair with new structure and I need to change this and will do so by 3/1/17.
  • So, can Globals now apply for the Global calling position while in their 30-day start up Triangle?
    • Yes
  • Does a KA have to move through the ranks of KA to get to the level of sales and consulting described above as a Business Consultant? A person may have excellent influencing, persuasion and business skills without being great at some aspects of being a KA, but is being a KA a requirement?
    • Yes, you must prove yourself as a KA before being considered and applying to be a Business Consultant or Coaching Assistant which is similar.
  • Should Jedishido-curious people have a joint-venture type idea in place before speaking with you about Jedi stuff or do you prefer them to be open to the concept but come to you without a preconceived idea?
    • Either way is fine. I very very very very much want 5% of Ishidos to also be Jedishidos. We need Jedishidos and I would love to pay some of them $25-50/hour or more - very gladly.
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